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The Best Way to Relax with an Outcall Erotic Massage

Have you ever wondered what was the best way to relax and unwind? maybe you thought it was simply relaxing on the couch, or nipping down to your local pub to chill out with your mates. But if we told you there was a much better way? A way so sublime and seductive it’ll have you returning again and again! wondering what that may be well what if we told you it was simply an outcall erotic massage. That’s right a luxury individually tailored outcall erotic massage to tend to your every ache and pain.



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oriental erotic massage and tantric massage

Tantric Massage and Erotic Massage – What’s the Difference?

Tantric massage is an ancient massage style that can be performed by both men and women. It is a fantastic way to ignite sexual foreplay for couples and is also beneficial for singles. However, there is a great deal of confusion surrounding the concept of Tantric massage and Tantra. Tantra made its debut in the media when world-famous singer, Sting opened up about his Tantric sex life with his wife. Tantra is purposefully sexual in nature, whereas Tantric massage isn’t.

What is a Tantric massage?

Tantric massage does not involve sexual intercourse, and is not a ‘happy ending massage’ style, despite what the stereotypes suggest. Massages which intentionally explore sexual pleasure are known as, ‘erotic massages’, not Tantric. This, of course, is where these terms get tarnished by the same brush. Tantric massage has a more profound and deeper meaning. Tantra is the meeting of yin and yang- a union of polarities. Tantric massage invites both types of energy into the massage, and incorporates specific techniques in order to harness it. Yin is known as the relaxation energy; the kind of energy most people seem to experience whilst having a massage or a warm bath, for example. Yang, on the other hand, is the sensual energy that flows through the body like electricity. Tantric massage is designed to build up and collapse energy throughout the session so as to bring about a sense of harmony for both the client and masseuse. Tantric massage focuses on the movement of energy; therefore it is possible to give a Tantric massage without incorporating sexual touch. In fact, some people have been known to achieve a full body orgasm without even removing any of their clothes. This style of massage seeks to unify the sexual organs with all other parts of the body. Essentially, it is a union of sexual energy. An oriental erotic massage on the other hand does not create this amalgamation because its primary focus is to stimulate sexually. As a result, Oriental erotic massages are arguably less intimate and is far less spiritual. Although it can be enjoyable and sensual in many ways, it cannot provide long-lasting harmony.


the difference between tantric massage and oriental erotic massage


The benefits of a Tantric massage

Improves sleep- It’s no surprise to hear that Tantric massages are incredibly relaxing. However, this relaxation also makes for a much better night’s sleep!

Improves breathing- Tantric massage incorporates similar techniques that are used for meditation. These, deep, relaxing breathing techniques are intended to transport energy throughout one’s body in a more efficient way. Learning to breath more proficiently and relaxing does improve health overall.

Promotes intimacy- Tantric massage promotes healthy intimacy between the client and masseuse, but without sexual intercourse. This deeper form of intimacy is often more pleasurable than sex- believe it or not. It fills an empty void and brings reassurance to both parties. Emotional connection is far deeper than a physical one.

Relaxes the mind, body and soul- Tantric massage relaxes the body in every single way, whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually. Tantric massage is interesting because it can help to break up deep, emotional issues. These can be memories, emotions or experiences. Tantric massage helps clients to locate negative energies and discard them.

Increases awareness- Tantric massage increases awareness of the body in its entirety. For people out there who still don’t know what they like and dislike, getting a Tantric massage could help you to discover that. After all, the skin is the biggest organ in the body, and of course, the most sensitive. The sense of touch is powerful.

It’s more hygienic than sex- You can get all of the benefits of sex without getting down and dirty. Tantric massage is incredibly erotic, and induces feelings of intimacy, connection and pleasure. If you want to explore a more exotic massage style but don’t feel comfortable getting sexually intimate with a stranger, then Tantric massage is exactly what you need.


oriental eortic massage and tantric the differences


Is it better than Erotic massage?

Obviously, this boils down to personal preference. typically an oriental erotic massage is more sexual, but that’s not to say it is any better or worse. Tantric massage is more of a spiritual experience, however both take inspiration from one another. Ultimately, Tantric massage goes far deeper than a ‘happy ending’- it selves into the soul of the person. As much as pleasure and reaching orgasm is good for us, exploring our inner feelings and emotions is equally as satisfying. Tantric massage simply does this on a less traumatic scale. Ultimately, you’ll never know which is for you until you give them both a try.

So, if you’re interested in giving Tantric massage a go, or a oriental erotic massage for that matter, then call on the number below and schedule in for some fun with a hot, Asian masseuse today.

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The health benefits of tantric massage

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Tantric Massage

What if I were to tell you that tantric massage can have amazing health benefits? Tantric massage therapy isn’t a new craze or sudden trend, in fact, it has been around for many thousands of years in both eastern and western cultures to help revitalise the body and mind. Many of the different massage techniques can have their roots traced back hundreds if not thousands of years, many of these cultures used these massage therapies to help relieve the body and mind from the physical and mental strain.

There are many different types of massage which all aim to eliminate and minimise these type of problem. Whether you have an aching back from working all day or just feel tired from everyday stress then there is a type of massage for you, which will not help you recover from the effects but also leaving you much more content and feeling generally happier.

As will all therapies there can be numerous health benefits to be gained from undergoing a tantric massage and the experience can often leave many speechless as the power of bodywork is undeniable. Yet despite this, there are still many misconceptions about the benefits of such a massage and it’s overall effects on health and spiritual well-being.


10 amazing health benefits of tantric massage


Usually, the main positive health effects a massage can have is the reduction of stress, muscle tension and aches and pains. However, there are numerous claims that a tantric massage can also help to alleviate the symptoms and effects of other chronic illnesses and conditions.

The top 10 amazing health benefits of tantric massage


1 Help relieve aches and pains.

Many people today have extremely busy lifestyles and as such often suffer from aches and pains,this could be because of a hard physical job or maybe even an injury. A relaxing tantric massage can be a great way to help reduce those lingering aches.

2 Helps you to relax.

What could be a better way to relax than to treat your body and mind to the sensual experience of a massage? Forget just relaxing those muscles a tantric massage will truly relax your whole body and mind while every inch of your body is cared for by your masseuse.

3 Relieves stress.

Many experts believe that the number one cause of poor health in modern society is that of stress, and it’s negative long-term effects not just on the mind but also the physical body. Because of this, it is vital to take care of your overall health and well-being, and a massage can be a great complementary medicine to achieve this.

4 Improved Sexual drive.

Because tantric is a very sensual concept in itself, that through the use of  subtle and soft touches to the skin. that it can help increase sexual energy and drive in both men and women. This can also help develop intimacy between partners which may have otherwise been lost.

5 Self Awareness and Awakening.

Tantric massages are not merely for those who suffer from painful conditions. But also be used by those wishing to discover themselves in a deeper meaningful way either spiritually or sexually as you submit to all control to another person.

6 Increased Blood Circulation.

Because a massage helps combat your stress levels and helps you to fully immerse yourself in the experience and relax. This can I have a positive impact on your blood circulation and can often help with blood pressures problems as a result.

7 Help to Improve Sleep.

Another overlooked health benefit of a tantric massage is that of helping to improve your sleep. As you go about your day and stress builds up this causes things to play on your mind when all you really want to do is sleep. massages can be a great way to help solve the problem of poor sleep.

8 Control Impulses.

Believe it or not but tantric massages make use of various breathing techniques. Once you have mastered the control of these breathing techniques not only will they help enhance your experience but they can also be used to help you control your body naturally.

9 Sex Education.

Sexual education in modern western culture is often found to be lacking, and not detailed enough to help prepare us for the intimate and sensual experience of being intimate with one’s partner. massage is a good way to explore and truly discover what it is you desire.

10 Improved and stronger orgasms.

Massages are a very sensual experience and make use gentle touches this combined with the breathing techniques can help men overcome erectile dysfunction.  Although the main goal of a tantric massage is not to orgasm this can often be a welcomed side effect and enhanced by the techniques used throughout the massage.

So there you have it folks 10 amazing health benefits of tantric massage, that you may have not previously known about. So if you have been thinking of a new way to get healthier or relax, then the next time your in London get yourself a tantric massage.

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Getting a Outcall Massage in London

Are you seeking to find the true root cause of your pain with a luxurious outcall massage in London by allowing yourself to be placed in the magical and healing hands of the exotic masseuses from Erotic Massage UK.

Many of us today look to massage therapy as a sort of quick fix approach to out physical problems or because we’re just generally feeling overwhelmed and drained from our everyday lives. And believe it or not, just a one-hour outcall massage session with one of the girls from Erotic Massage UK is usually more than adequate to soothe away those lingering aches and pains and many other conditions that be also be helped, things like physical injuries or limitations but also mental or emotional stress.

This is down to the fact that the main benefit of massage is that it helps to quieten down your overactive brain that keeps you up at night, helping you to relax and unwind into a state of calmness and clarity. This in turn also helps us to rejuvenate ourselves from within and to connect with our inner core on a deeper level. Which why many believe that massage is intrinsically linked to spiritually and sexuality as well as physical and mental well-being.

For those who take regular courses of massage, they find that they reach a kind of serenity and realisation that lets them break free from past habits and behaviours, think outside of the box as it were and be able to reflect on things from a different standpoint. This helps us grow internally as humans and to overcome future problems.


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Erotic Massage UK is London’s number one outcall massage in London service and the experience is enhanced with our masseuses who skills and abilities transcend the boundaries and limitations of any other massage therapy and any other outcall massage in London service. Whether you are seeking relaxation, pain relief from the build of aches and pains or maybe need to reconnect with your sexual feelings Erotic Massage UK can help you achieve this.

All our beautiful and exotic Asian masseuses are highly trained and skilled and this ensures that you have access to the highest quality outcall massage in London and that your massage will truly be a one of a kind experience that you won’t regret or forget.

We have the strong view that everyone deserves to feel the very best so for this reason we treat every session as though it is your first, taking time to make sure we understanding the problems you are seeking to treat and how that can be best achieved with the sensuous and powerful magic of massage using various techniques that have been developed to help

  • Reduce stress
  • Speed up the bodies healing process
  • Release tension
  • Aid in relaxation
  • Reduce pain

At Erotic Massage UK our massage outcall in London service is aimed to help you to free yourself from the stresses and strains you create for yourself in your everyday working life. By doing this it allows a greater ability to enjoy our life and the things that come with it which can be blurred because of the fast paced environment we now find ourselves in. This has led to more and more people seeking out this way of relief.

We use a holistic approach to help you and your body heal itself by removing the barriers created by the build-up of this stress and tension from modern day living. It is our mission to make sure that you are able to attain a deeper more profound level of relaxation through helping the body and mind reach a perfect unified balance. so if your looking for the very best outcall massage in London then you’re in for a treat.

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