Myko (25 years old)

Erotic massage therapist myko from London

  • Age
  • Measurements
  • Eye Colour
    magnetic brown
  • Hair Colour
    autumn brown
  • Height
  • Personality
    cute, shy and majestic
  • Figure
    Slim, slender and tidy
  • Skin Type
    Velvety Soft
  • Best Feature
    my silky smooth legs

Other masseuses:

Duration Outcall
 1h  £140
 2h  £280
 Additional hour  £120
 Overnight  From £1000

Korean London Lingam Masseuse

Looking for a London Lingam massage? Then try our Myko. She is sweet lovely and a delightfully charming woman. This petite striking masseuse is not only passionate but also hot-blooded too. This breathtaking exotic beauty has a wealth of experience as a masseuse and knows many techniques, and is sure to know how to titillate and tease you in ways you couldn’t even begin to imagine and that’s just the start of your journey with her. Myko is trained in the ancient tantric art of Lingam massage. The lingam is a Sanskrit word meaning wand and a lingam massage refers to a male penis massage.

Myko performs her massage with a certain finesse and attentiveness like no other masseuse can. Her aim is to please and that is certainly what she does best. She has a soothing presence which will help you relax with ease and is very discreet for the discerning gent. She is blessed with a perfect figure that combined with her desire to pleasure and please make Myko a first-class choice for any gentleman.

Lingam Massage London

The site of this elegant and divine young woman is enough to make you melt like butter in her hands and that’s before she has even begun your Lingam massage treatment. So just imagine the sheer joy and pleasure you’ll receive from this sensuous little charming gem of a woman. Myko adores her job and is extremely attentive when it comes to her clients and making sure there are left with no words to describe their experience with her.

This majestic and alluring beauty excels at what she does and takes great pride in doing so. From the moment, you meet her until the moment she sadly leaves, you will be pampered and treated with the attention you deserve and desire. And we know that once you have met her once you won’t be able to ever say no to her! So if you would like a Lingam massage London with Myko pick up the phone now and give us a call!