You’ve heard people say that part of the reason France doesn’t have an obesity problem is that they eat richer foods in smaller quantities. Consider applying that to your eating, smoking, and even sexual habits.

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What if you could make your kisses more sensual ? A way to enjoy them more and savour every moment of it without rushing ?


In this blog post, tantric expert Psalm Isadora explains how to deal with oral fixation ( the urge to experience pleasure and sensation through one’s mouth) and she explains this isn’t a new thing, in fact, many people can often use this  as a defence mechanism. Such as to distract themselves from something else, maybe due to a habit of smoking for instance or maybe they just genuinely love kissing ( who doesn’t right!)

Anyway if you continue to read the article you will learn some very good and practical tips on how to deal with an oral fixation and how you can address it.