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Amy (23 years old)


Happy Ending Massage London Masseuse

Welcome, our masseuse Amy who is originally from china now with us in London. Amy has been a masseuse in the UK for a while now and says she loves her job and the satisfaction she brings to her clients. Her sensuous good looks combined with a sweet joyful personality mean that you’ll surely smile when she comes to greet you at your door. Amy is a playful and outgoing kind of girl who enjoys life and helping to please others. Amy says her life’s mission is to make sure every can be as happy in their life as I am with mine.

She has been trained in numerous types of massage therapy which include but are not limited to erotic massage, Nuru massage, prostate massage, and even tantric massage, however Amy does likes to perform Happy ending massage. Imagine her caressing every inch of your body with soft and gentle strokes with her hands as they glide sensually all over your body as she prepares your for your ultimate happy ending massage London. we’re sure she’ll be able to help you relax fully after a hard day at the office. And believe me, nothing will make you smile like she can. Not only does Amy bring a fun and playful demeanour but also offer an air of sophistication to any event. We are in no doubt that booking your massage with Amy will be unforgettable.

Her fun and outgoing personality mean that she can not only make you feel comfortable but relax with absolute ease knowing you’ll be treated like a king with her tending to your every need and desire. What could be more fun and enjoyable as our gorgeous Amy tending to your every need. And this is only the beginning of our journey of self-discovery with each other

Masseuse Details

  • Masseuse:
  • Age:
  • Nationality:
  • Height:
  • Measurments:
  • Figure:
    slim and athletic
  • Skin Type:
    Soft and Supple
  • Hair Colour:
    Brilliant Black
  • Eye Colour:
    Seductive Black
  • Personality:
    bubbly, fun,outgoing
  • Best Feature:
    My cheeky cute smile
  • Massage Types:
    Erotic, Lingam, Outcall
  • Masseuse with Erotic Since:
    9 May, 2016
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