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Find the perfect place to have your Naughty Nuru Massage in Marylebone…

So you’re off to London, and you’ve heard it’s one of the only major cities in Europe that offers the toe tingling Japanese Nuru massage. So it’s time to plan ahead don’t you think? What’s first on the list? After travel arrangements, a hotel needs to be found. And of course you can get an outcall Nuru massage to any hotel but shouldn’t you pick the right one. The experience of Nuru massage, is mind altering, life changing, wouldn’t it be doing the experience and injustice to have it in some shady motel just off the motorway? If this massage marks the start of a new beginning, a new you, then get it done somewhere nice. Somewhere that post-massage you can relax and bask in your newfound sense of completeness and positive energy.

What a lot of people don’t know is that erotic massage agencies will not do outcalls to every central London location and it would be a disaster to go all the way to London, pay for your hotel and then be told you can’t get your massage there.  One of the ‘golden areas’ (an area that is covered by all massage agencies) is Marylebone. Don’t ask me why, I haven’t a clue, but it is common knowledge to most Londoners that Marylebone is a safe haven for erotic massage. Who knows why the birthplace of Sherlock Holmes is the area people go to rediscover their sexual selves, maybe we’ll never know but that’s not important. What is important is choosing a hotel in an area where you know you can get an outcall Nuru massage. So Marylebone it is; check.

Now finding one that isn’t going to break the bank (this is Central London of course…) so one that is affordable, nice and why not if we’re really after the best Nuru massage experience- one that’s a bit sexy.

  1. The Hyatt Regency- The Churchill

Let’s start off with something fancy…high end, mod cons, bell boys, silver service dining. The Hyatt Regency is a hotel suitable for royalty. If you’re willing to splash out a bit, this hotel will make your Nuru massage every bit more luxurious and extravagant.  With the option of a balcony room to look on at your plebiscite servants, rooms with regal living rooms, giving the feeling you really are staying in the palace, this hotel is the royal engagement. Imagine laying on a plush king-sized (of course) bed while a beautiful oriental masseuse rubs her toned legs, stomach and ample cleavage all down your bare body. There are rainbow showers as standard if every suite, imagine getting under what feels like a tropic waterfall with your exotic masseuse for a goat‘soapy nuru’. –If you didn’t already feel a million dollars, this will do it.

With suites starting at £400-£600 a night this is my most expensive choice. But eh if your company are going to put on expenses why on earth not!

  1. The Landmark Hotel

Next, on the list, we’re going to consider The Landmark.  Described on their website as an ‘oasis of luxury’, sounds to me like a fitting place for your Nuru massage. A good massage experience starts with a good bed, and wait until you check out the bad boys gracing The Landmarks luxury floors. You can almost feel how crisp and soft the linen at The Landmark is, the rooms ooze elegance and grace but without leaning itself out of comfort. I think compared to the Hyatt, if you are looking for luxury but don’t want to feel out of your comfort zone, then Landmark is the superior choice.  With complimentary bathrobes and slippers, you can wait for your outcall Nuru masseuse in style. While you wait why not order a bite to eat, get dinner, prepared by a Michelin star chef, brought up on silver platters. Or alternatively, why not go down to The Great Central bar, a state of the art room, with high ceilings dressed with priceless chandeliers. The décor of the room is reminiscent of 1920’s Britain, lose yourself in the past, pretend you’re someone else, order an exquisite cocktail, smoke a cigar and then take the lift up to your room where you’ll find a glorious oriental goddess waiting for you on your bed…

Rooms starting from £400 a night this is another high-end choice.

  1. The Cumberland Hotel

The Cumberland is a considerably cheaper option but still remains a luxury choice. Boasting plush pillows and something called a ‘Hypno’ King-sized be, you can be assured this place has got the right facilities. With power showers as the standard for the soapy nuru option and an endless stream of a complimentary mineral water bottle (?), this place is prepared for a vigorous nuru session.  Another bonus for choosing The Cumberland for your outcall Nuru massage is that it is such a big hotel that if you were concerned about privacy, and wish to remain anonymous this hotel is perfect. Your erotic masseuse will have no trouble navigating her way to your room in The Cumberland to give you the nuru of a lifetime.

Rooms starting from 180 a night


  1. The Mandeville Hotel

Next up we have The Mandeville, described on its website as ‘Boutique Luxury’- if that doesn’t scream fishnets and escorts I don’t know what does! The Mandeville is a beautiful building in the heart of Marylebone but what lays beneath the beautiful brick walls is what’s really exciting… The Mandeville isn’t your average hotel; its rooms have particular themes. Check out the website for all of your options, but personally, I was drawn to the ‘French Riviera rooms.’ With balcony as standard, mood lighting, silk sheets; these rooms scream ‘dirty weekend away’. The room’s inspiration comes from the clandestine ‘Bain de Minuit’ Sea-Bathing Society that met at night in the sea of Monaco and Princess Grace’s stolen “Pearl” necklace. A room laced with sexual tension and romance- The perfect place for a naughty Nuru massage…

Rooms starting from £290 a night


The Marylebone Hotel

My final choice is my own, a personal favourite. The Marylebone is like no other hotel experience.  If you are only staying in London a short time and feel almost cheated out of experiencing the city- especially if you’ve decided to spend a night, perhaps your only night, in London getting a Nuru massage then relax, The Marylebone will take care of everything. The wonderful thing at this hotel is that you don’t have to leave it to see London. Within its walls, The Marylebone boasts a beautiful library, a contemporary art gallery, a restaurant café with street walk sitting facilities, a spa, a couple of boutique shops, the lot. On their website, they boast that by having all these facilities they capture ‘The vibrant, bijou feel of Marylebone, one of London’s trendiest neighbourhoods’. I couldn’t agree with them more.  As far as the bedrooms go The Marylebone is a winner again … plush massive beds, complimentary bathrobe and slippers, a Nespresso coffee machine (if you want to feel all George Clooney…)And the bathroom! Heated marble floors and a walk in shower, for the ultimate nuru soapy session.

Rooms starting from £190 a night.

So that’s your lot if you would rather settle for something cheap and not so cheerful that is on you, but if you do want a night you’ll remember stick to the list. And if you’re looking for an erotic massage agency that does outcall Nuru massage in Marylebone, check out Nuru massage London service page.

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What couples massage is perfect for your relationship?

Mr and Mrs After Hours

Couples that play together stay together… or so they say. Trying new exciting sexual practices can really improve marital bliss, however not every sexual play will suit your relationship. We’re not all the same and your marriage will be totally different from the next couples. Trying out things that neither of you are comfortable with will realistically be uncomfortable. To improve a sexual relationship you should nourish it, not pull it by the head and re-bury it in a totally different flower bed. – Perhaps that analogy was a bit of a stretch but you get my point. What you need is to know what’s out there and know what’s the best fit for you and your partner.

Erotic massage is a great way for couples to reconnect on an emotional and physical level. In the day to day rush of everyday life many couples forget to make time to be tender with one another. Going for a couple’s erotic massage will give you that time. Guided by a trained masseuse you will be taught how to give each other an authentic erotic massage and you will watch as your partner is transported by the skilled hand of a beautiful oriental masseuse.

However there are various kinds of different erotic massage treatments you can go for- and it’s up to you to determine what type of massage you and your partner would enjoy. – (I’m here to help! Follow my simple guide below)



Body to body massage.

Ideal for: Couples looking to get closer but not too fast too quick. Also better for bisexual pairing.

This massage is perfect for a couple were both parties have an appreciation of the female form. Basically, if your lady-friend is bisexual then this massage will suit you both. I wouldn’t advice getting a body to body massage if your partner has no sexual desires towards the woman- as the service involves a naked masseuse using her ample breasts and firm buttocks to grind and slip along your naked bodies. The service is extremely sensual and is a perfect introduction to erotic massage. You will find yourselves re-appreciating each other’s forms and re-igniting the erotic flame in your relationship.


Nuru body to body massage.

Ideal for: Couples looking to step it up a notch, they call Nuru the ‘naughtiest massage’. Perfect for couples looking to get down and dirty…

If you and your partner are into trying something a bit more wild then opting for Nuru is a great choice. Nuru is a massage style from Japan that involves using Nuru gel to enhance the sexual pleasure of the classic body to body massage. Nuru is extremely popular due to the unusual texture of the gel. Made out of Japanese ‘Nori’ seaweed, Nuru gel is both sticky and slippery- which makes for an ideal base for a body to body massage. The Nuru gel enables the body to body contact that both draws you to each other- skin to skin as one but also allows for ease when grinding and sliding up and down each other. Nuru certainly is not for the light-hearted. If you and your partner want to experience a sticky, slippery sensual adventure then Nuru is for you.



Tantric massage

Ideal for: Couples that want to re-connect emotionally/spiritually. Tantra is excellent for improving orgasm success in the bedroom.

Tantric massage derives from Hindu and Buddhist origins. Tantra is all about controlling your own energy and with a tantric massage your masseuse will teach both you and your partner how to let go and increase the intensity of your pleasure portals. This means teaching you to let go of distractions and home in on your carnal desires, opening you up sexually to feel everything in the purest and clearest form. Tantric is probably the most popular couples massage choice as it offers endless new possibilities for the bedroom. Tantra and tantric massage can change you as a person and taking that journey with your partner will inevitably make you stronger and closer.


Prostate massage.

Ideal for: Couples mostly seeking to improve the bedroom experience for the male member of the relationship. The massage will largely consist of learning and exploring the male G-Spot.

Everyone is familiar with locating the female pleasure points but not many people are aware of the male G-spot. In this session your fully trained erotic masseuse will give you both a relaxing and calming naked body massage, within which the masseuse will massage the male prostate- demonstrating to your partner the right way to do this. She will build the male orgasm though massaging of the prostate gland and will encourage your partner to pleasure you in other ways to really maximise the inner orgasm. On release you will experience orgasmic pleasure like never before. This is a great choice if you are looking to get your male partner something special for his birthday…


Lingam/ Yoni massage

Ideal for: Couples that both want their share. If you are both seeking concentrated orgasmic pleasure and are comfortable for a masseuse to play a leading role in this intimate privates massage.

Lingam and Yoni massage derives from spiritual Sanskrit teachings. The massage focuses on honouring the male and female genitals.’ Lingam’ is Sanskrit for ‘Penis’ and Yoni Sanskrit for ‘vagina’. Within this session, your trained erotic masseuse will massage both of you with an intense focus on your lower regions. She will perform specialist techniques that will ensure both you and your partner experience intense orgasmic pleasure. The parts you play in this massage session is entirely up to you. It is common for couples to pay extra for reversed oral- enabling the sexual pleasuring to go three-ways. I would say this massage is a good choice for couples looking to build on or improve their pleasuring abilities.


Erotic couples massages come with the option of ‘full service’ or ‘happy ending’. A ‘happy ending is a hand job essentially, which means your regular say body to body massage will come with an orgasm finish. With Happy ending, hand relief is as far as your masseuse will go sexually. If you opt for Full Service your masseuse will perform both hand reliefs, oral and penetrative sex. If you and your partner are seeking more of a three-some style adventure I would certainly make sure you choose the full service.

The price of an erotic couples massage doesn’t have to break the bank either. If you are located in London I would encourage you and your partner to check out (insert website name) This company provides a wide array of services, with full trained beautiful masseuses and prices that are competitive and affordable.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you think it’s about time your relationship got a bit more exciting?

Call: 07774368218

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