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Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby by Erotic Massage UK on

Sultry London erotic massage therapist, lies seductively with ice placed along her stomach.

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authentic tantric services

3 Tantra Techniques You Should Know


Tantra is such a wide subject. It’s easy to research – all you have to do is Google ‘tantric massage’ or ‘tantra’ and you’re greeted with thousands of massage tips and tantric therapists claiming to change your life forever. Among these tips, blogs and therapist advice, there’s also a lot of pornographic links so it’s easy to get lost in this wide world of tantra. Tantra is rooted in many cultures so each person’s understanding of the art will vary from person to person. Overall, tantra is an ideology and a way of life. Tantric massage is merely a small element of that. What else can we discover as we dig deeper?


Originally from India and practised around 5AD, tantra has footholds in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is a form of meditative therapy that was practised as a way of achieving enlightenment through harnessing sensual energy. This energy is extremely powerful and when efficiently circulated around the body, can encourage a highly energised and positive state of mind. While there are many ways to approach it, there are three major parts that are vital in authentic tantric massage sessions…


  1. Meditation and breathing


Erotic massage is based on tantra – that’s why it’s important to check if your masseuse has been trained in tantra before you have your erotic Asian massage session. Tantra uses meditative techniques in order to create a deep connection between the masseuse and the receiver. Breathing plays an extremely important role. By just concentrating on your breathing and incorporating certain techniques, you can find yourself becoming much more relaxed which will enhance your erotic massage experience.


Breathing can be anything from deep, relaxed breaths to short, sharp inhales. These two opposites are used in tantra because they engage the body in different ways and create different reactions. Another tip is to breathe in sync with the masseuse. This synchrony helps the two bodies connect, spiritually as well as physically, and helps them bond as they travel along this path of discovery.


authentic tantric massage chakras


  1. Balancing the Chakras


According to tantric practitioners, there are seven energy centres in the body. Named Chakras, these centres start at the base of the spine and work upwards in a vertically straight line. It’s said that illnesses are caused when these Chakras are blocked. Thus, regularly taking precautions to realign the Chakras and the energy pipes open will help keep the body and mind healthy.


The Chakra points directly correspond to different parts of the body, internal as well as external, and are responsible for our emotional states of mind too. In some ways, these Chakra points are where your physical and spiritual sides come together. When you experience an authentic tantric massage, the masseuse will use her specialist skills to unblock and rejuvenate these pressure points.


  1. Awareness


Being aware of your intentions before you come into an authentic tantric massage gives the session a goal and hence, a direction to work towards. For example, it could be that you want to nurture intimacy, build a connection with another person, explore pleasure and your sexuality, heal emotional wounds or improve sex drive. Tantra is so wide that it’s important to channel your energy in the right direction so you get the best results. When you get a traditional Swedish massage, you usually tell the therapist which parts of the body you’d like her to work on so why shouldn’t you do this during an authentic tantric massage?


To conclude


Naked oriental massages such as erotic massage and full body sensual massage are all based on these tantric rituals. No matter how sexually geared they may sound, erotic massages are still a great way to gain an insight into your own spirituality. That’s why they leave you feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated.

If you are interested in an authentic tantric massage in London, here at Erotic Massage UK we offer a range of oriental masseuses who have been genuinely trained in providing these excitingly sensual experiences. From just £120 an hour, we offer incall and outcall massages to men all over central and Greater London. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a tantric massage every once in a while, because it truly is a refreshing way to de-stress and can take you on a path of self-discovery!

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How a London Lingam Massage Can Make You a More Confident Lover

Confidence can go a long way. Whether it persuades your boss to give you the pay rise you deserve or gets the girl of your dreams to go on a date with you, confidence is invaluable. And being self-assured in general can affect your performance in the bedroom too. When you’re confident, you can act sexier and do wilder things that’ll blow both of your minds.

Even the most confident of us suffer dips in esteem. When this happens at crucial points, it can have very negative effects on us and leave us feeling humiliated and drained of confidence. When this happens in the bedroom, it’s the ideal breeding ground for anxiety which can affect performance and cause you to avoid sex all together.

Getting a London lingam massage can help build that confidence up to levels you didn’t think could ever be achieved. The lingam massage is a special erotic massage that’s just for men. Men suffer just as many dips in confidence as women, often fretting over their sexual performance, worrying about finishing too early or not being able to get it on at all. You may or may not know but a London lingam massage is a fantastic way to boost your sex drive, reduce the chances of premature ejaculation and overall, increase your self-esteem when it comes to intimacy.



The Best deals on London lingam massageHere are some of the ways a lingam massage can make you a better lover…

  1. Prevents premature ejaculation


Premature ejaculation is a common worry for men which can create great anxiety. The more you think about it, the more likely it is to happen and this can sour and put strain on a relationship. A lingam massage is a special form of sensual massage which has roots in tantra. It is essentially a massage of the penis. The masseuse uses a series of intimate and highly sensual techniques that are designed to slowly arouse the man and keep him on the edge of orgasm. It’s exquisitely pleasurable and the eventual release encourages total mental relaxation.


A London lingam massage expands the boundaries of pleasure. Special techniques are used to slowly build sensation and energy throughout your body. You will feel more than pleasure in your sexual areas – you will feel this extend throughout your body and your mind, familiarising you with your point of climax. This increased self-control will delay orgasm, helping you last longer, but you’ll still feel the same amount of pleasure.


get the best London lingam massage


  1. Helps with erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety


Premature ejaculation and performance anxiety often come together. And when you are anxious about lovemaking, this may even cause erectile dysfunction because you’re thinking about it too much.


Viagra can be used to treat erectile dysfunction, and while it is effective in a physical way, it only treats the symptoms and not the cause. The lingam massage technique directly targets the cause – of your anxiety. Its special techniques help to improve your confidence and show you how to become a more skillful lover.


  1. Promotes longer lovemaking


On average, women take 20 minutes to orgasm while men take between two and seven minutes. Unsurprisingly, this can often lead to disappointment, often from the woman’s side, and this causes the man to become anxious and self-conscious about his performance. During a London lingam massage the masseuses uses tantric massage elements that work to exercise the mind to fight against orgasm. The masseuse will take you to the edge of orgasm and back again multiple times, so you have no choice but to practise self-control.


When you have control over your sexual responses, you can voluntarily slow yourself down and give your partner more time to reach climax. She will find it more satisfying which in turn, satisfies you and makes for a more intense lovemaking session overall.


Try a London Lingam Massage Today!


A lingam massage may be a massage of the penis, but it’s really not as sleazy as it sounds. It’s extremely therapeutic and a great form of sex therapy as it balances sexual stimulation with mental control. You’ll become a better lover with a stronger understanding of intimacy and knowledge of new, creative ways to engage with your partner on a spiritual level. This new-found confidence will be obvious in your daily life as well as in your sexual. Try a London lingam massage with us, today and see what it can do for you!  simply

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Getting a nuru massage in London

The Rookie Guide to Getting An Authentic Nuru Massage in London

Getting a nuru massage in London, is one of the most sensual and satisfying Asian massages you can experience. It’s no wonder that they are also one of the most popular choices in salons and parlours. This exotic Japanese massage is taking the web by storm and more and more people are enquiring into getting one. Because of its sexual nature, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding it and many agencies in London are disguising sexual services as genuine nuru massages. In truth, a nuru massage is an art and desperately tricky to perform, so only trained therapists can provide the authentic service.


But where can you find a genuine nuru massage in London? We’ve put together a guide to help you find a real nuru masseuse. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or a massage veteran!


What is a Japanese nuru massage?


Nuru massage is an ancient art that originated from Japan. ‘Nuru’ is the Japanese word for slippery, which reflects the style of the massage. In addition to using her hands, a nuru masseuse uses her body to massage the client, incorporating a variety of slides, rubs and gyrations of her body. Now, what makes a nuru massage truly unique from other body to body massages is the gel. Nuru massage uses a specific gel, which is extremely slippery and allows the masseuse to slide her naked body sensually along the client’s body.


The whole experience is incredibly revitalising and probably one of the most sexually arousing and pleasurable of all tantric massages. The masseuse uses her curves and soft skin to slip and slide the client into a pleasurable paradise and eventually, a very happy ending.



What is a nuru gel?


Nuru gel is a special type of massage gel that’s primarily made from the Nori seaweed. The seaweed, which is edible, is found on the coasts of Japan. It is clear, odourless, doesn’t stain and is very viscous. Masseuses mix the gel with warm water to dilute it and make it easier to spread across skin. It’s extremely slippery, making it the perfect lubricant for a nuru massage.


Because nuru gel is made from seaweed which has soaked in nutrients from the ocean, it’s extremely beneficial for the skin. The gel also contains other botanicals like Aloe Vera and grapefruit extract, which are also great for the skin.

Get the best nuru massage in London

How is a nuru massage performed?


Traditionally, a nuru massage is performed on an air mattress covered in a protective plastic sheet. Nuru massage gel doesn’t stain, but it does tend to spread and get everywhere so covering your bedding with a protective sheet makes cleaning up much easier. The main point of this full body sensual massage is to have the masseuse stroke and slide you into a state of intense arousal and muscular relaxation.


A nuru massage usually begins with a hot shower, shared between the masseuse and the client. This prepares the skin for the gel, relaxes the muscles and helps emotional bonds to form between the masseuse and client. After the shower, the masseuse will mix the gel with warm water to dilute it. When she’s reached the desired consistency, she will begin to pour and slather her body in nuru gel. This is a very exciting thing to watch. Once her body is slippery, she will cover your body in the gel, making sure to slowly and sensually slide her hands over your most sensitive areas. Then, she’ll climb on top of you and begin to press, stroke and grind her body and all of her curves against you. It will feel incredibly arousing and mind-blowingly pleasurable.


What are the benefits of getting a nuru massage in London?


  • Promotes a stable and positive state of mind
  • Fights depression and combats insomnia
  • Relieves chronic stress and anxiety
  • Reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks and cellulite
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Boosts immune system
  • Combats sexual problems e.g. premature ejaculation, loss of sex drive, inability to orgasm etc
  • Very pleasurable and satisfying release of tension


Where can I get an authentic nuru massage in London?


Now that you know the basics of a nuru massage, you might be wondering where to get it in London. There are many places in London that offer nuru massage, but there are many agencies offering sexual services disguised as tantric nuru sessions. Nuru massage must be performed by a professionally trained therapist who is skilled in tantra and uses authentic Japanese nuru massage gel, not cheap, low quality alternatives. Be wary before you part with your money!


On a lighter note, we offer some of the best nuru massages in London, using the most highly skilled nuru masseuses to be found. We have a range of genuine Asian nuru masseuses who are trained in tantra and are stunning. We are proud to be one of the few authentic providers of tantra, nuru and erotic Asian massages. Whether you’re after an incall or an outcall hotel nuru massage in London, we’re here for you. Furthermore if you do decide to opt for this highly seductive and sensual nuru massage be sure to read our post on what to do after receiving your nuru massage, now go forth and enjoy!

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The Best Way to Relax with an Outcall Erotic Massage

Have you ever wondered what was the best way to relax and unwind? maybe you thought it was simply relaxing on the couch, or nipping down to your local pub to chill out with your mates. But if we told you there was a much better way? A way so sublime and seductive it’ll have you returning again and again! wondering what that may be well what if we told you it was simply an outcall erotic massage. That’s right a luxury individually tailored outcall erotic massage to tend to your every ache and pain.



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oriental erotic massage and tantric massage

Tantric Massage and Erotic Massage – What’s the Difference?

Tantric massage is an ancient massage style that can be performed by both men and women. It is a fantastic way to ignite sexual foreplay for couples and is also beneficial for singles. However, there is a great deal of confusion surrounding the concept of Tantric massage and Tantra. Tantra made its debut in the media when world-famous singer, Sting opened up about his Tantric sex life with his wife. Tantra is purposefully sexual in nature, whereas Tantric massage isn’t.

What is a Tantric massage?

Tantric massage does not involve sexual intercourse, and is not a ‘happy ending massage’ style, despite what the stereotypes suggest. Massages which intentionally explore sexual pleasure are known as, ‘erotic massages’, not Tantric. This, of course, is where these terms get tarnished by the same brush. Tantric massage has a more profound and deeper meaning. Tantra is the meeting of yin and yang- a union of polarities. Tantric massage invites both types of energy into the massage, and incorporates specific techniques in order to harness it. Yin is known as the relaxation energy; the kind of energy most people seem to experience whilst having a massage or a warm bath, for example. Yang, on the other hand, is the sensual energy that flows through the body like electricity. Tantric massage is designed to build up and collapse energy throughout the session so as to bring about a sense of harmony for both the client and masseuse. Tantric massage focuses on the movement of energy; therefore it is possible to give a Tantric massage without incorporating sexual touch. In fact, some people have been known to achieve a full body orgasm without even removing any of their clothes. This style of massage seeks to unify the sexual organs with all other parts of the body. Essentially, it is a union of sexual energy. An oriental erotic massage on the other hand does not create this amalgamation because its primary focus is to stimulate sexually. As a result, Oriental erotic massages are arguably less intimate and is far less spiritual. Although it can be enjoyable and sensual in many ways, it cannot provide long-lasting harmony.


the difference between tantric massage and oriental erotic massage


The benefits of a Tantric massage

Improves sleep- It’s no surprise to hear that Tantric massages are incredibly relaxing. However, this relaxation also makes for a much better night’s sleep!

Improves breathing- Tantric massage incorporates similar techniques that are used for meditation. These, deep, relaxing breathing techniques are intended to transport energy throughout one’s body in a more efficient way. Learning to breath more proficiently and relaxing does improve health overall.

Promotes intimacy- Tantric massage promotes healthy intimacy between the client and masseuse, but without sexual intercourse. This deeper form of intimacy is often more pleasurable than sex- believe it or not. It fills an empty void and brings reassurance to both parties. Emotional connection is far deeper than a physical one.

Relaxes the mind, body and soul- Tantric massage relaxes the body in every single way, whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually. Tantric massage is interesting because it can help to break up deep, emotional issues. These can be memories, emotions or experiences. Tantric massage helps clients to locate negative energies and discard them.

Increases awareness- Tantric massage increases awareness of the body in its entirety. For people out there who still don’t know what they like and dislike, getting a Tantric massage could help you to discover that. After all, the skin is the biggest organ in the body, and of course, the most sensitive. The sense of touch is powerful.

It’s more hygienic than sex- You can get all of the benefits of sex without getting down and dirty. Tantric massage is incredibly erotic, and induces feelings of intimacy, connection and pleasure. If you want to explore a more exotic massage style but don’t feel comfortable getting sexually intimate with a stranger, then Tantric massage is exactly what you need.


oriental eortic massage and tantric the differences


Is it better than Erotic massage?

Obviously, this boils down to personal preference. typically an oriental erotic massage is more sexual, but that’s not to say it is any better or worse. Tantric massage is more of a spiritual experience, however both take inspiration from one another. Ultimately, Tantric massage goes far deeper than a ‘happy ending’- it selves into the soul of the person. As much as pleasure and reaching orgasm is good for us, exploring our inner feelings and emotions is equally as satisfying. Tantric massage simply does this on a less traumatic scale. Ultimately, you’ll never know which is for you until you give them both a try.

So, if you’re interested in giving Tantric massage a go, or a oriental erotic massage for that matter, then call on the number below and schedule in for some fun with a hot, Asian masseuse today.

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just what is a London body to body massage?

Getting a London Body to Body Massage: A Beginner’s Guide

As one of our most popular naked Asian massages, we thought we’d put together a guide on this ancient full body massage style. A London body to body massage is a firm favourite among our London clients, but many say they are initially nervous or are even too scared to try this massage because of its intimidating label! We hope this beginner’s guide helps you navigate through this slippery sensual massage.


What is a London body to body massage?

A London body to body massage is a unique style of erotic Japanese massage. It is very similar to a nuru massage and originated from the red light districts where the soapy massage was born. Like a nuru massage, a body 2 body masseuse literally uses her body to massage the client. As well as using her hands to stroke, she primarily uses the curves of her body, her breasts, her buttocks, her stomach and thighs to rub and slide along the client’s skin. It’s an extremely pleasurable experience and the masseuse can easily caress the client into a blissful happy ending.


What massage oils are used? 

A London body to body massage uses massage oils. The masseuse slathers her own and the client’s body in oils before proceeding to slide along the client’s naked skin, using the oil as lubrication. There are a variety of massage oils that can be used and each one has a different effect on mood. For example:


To relax


  • Chamomile
  • Patchouli
  • Cedarwood
  • Marjoram
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender


To improve focus

  • Rosemary
  • Eucalyptus (also treats coughs, colds and even TB)
  • Peppermint

the best massage oils for a London body to body massage


To boost immune system

  • Tea tree
  • American spice apple oil (also reduces blood pressure)

To improve mood

  • Coconut
  • Rose
  • Bergamot
  • Sandalwood
  • Ylang ylang
  • Lemon (also treats digestive problems)


How is a London body to body massage performed?

A London body to body massage is usually performed on an air mattress or a bed. The sheets are covered with a protective waterproof sheet to prevent the bedding from becoming slathered in massage oils. The main point of this massage is to have the masseuse use her gorgeous body to slide and stroke you into deep arousal and create total muscular relaxation.


the techniques used for a London body to body massage


The session usually begins with a shower or a bath with the masseuse. This helps to prepare the skin for the massage oils, relax the muscles and help the client get used to being naked around the masseuse. After you’ve washed and dried off, the masseuse will get you to lie down so she can sensually cover your body in massage oils. She will cover her own body in oils which will be a fantastic sight to watch. Once you’re both covered, she will climb on top of you and begin rubbing and sliding. She will use a variety of techniques and use all of her body parts – pressing her breasts, sliding her nipples and grinding her groin, which will feel sensational. You will slide into bliss and are guaranteed to have an intensely powerful happy ending.


What are the benefits?

A London body to body massage is designed to relieve deep stress and help relax tense muscles. It’s particularly great for chronic stress, anxiety and insomnia as it leaves you feeling so deeply relaxed. The massage oils are also wonderfully moisturising and can help reduce stretch marks and scars. Here are some of the main benefits of a body 2 body massage:


  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Alleviates muscle pain from sports injuries and repetitive strains
  • Moisturises the skin
  • Reduces appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and scars
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Improves immune system
  • Helps with sexual problems e.g. premature ejaculation and inability to orgasm
  • Improves sex drive
  • Helps with intimacy problems


Where can I get a body to body massage in London?

There are many places in London that are offering so-called genuine body to body and other naked Asian massage therapies. But from what our clients and readers tell us, few actually offer authentic service. An erotic Asian massage must be performed by a proper masseuse who has been trained in tantra, the root to all things erotic and naked. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping around for your London body to body massage.

Luckily, Erotic Massage UK offers one of the best and authentic oriental massage therapies in London with some of the most talented and beautiful body 2 body masseuses from Asia. From just £130 an hour, we offer a premium incall service or a convenient 24 hour outcall service to men all over central and Greater London. When you choose us, you don’t have worry – we have the quality, the price and the authentic experience to turn your erotic Asian fantasy into a beautifully satisfying reality

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