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kundalini tantric massage and the kundalini energy

Tantric Massage And How to Awaken Your Kundalini Energy

Very few people have heard of Kundalini energy before yet alone a Kundalini Tantric massage, but it is present in all of us. Although unexplored, it has an impact on everyone’s lives, whether they realise it or not. Exploring it and accessing its power could be the answer to many problems people face, but what is it and how can we control it? Read on and learn how.

What is Kundalini Tantric energy?

A Kundalini tantric massage is designed to release kudalini energy and is known as a spiritual energy that is believed to be located at the base of the spine. This sleeping powerhouse is believed to be a dormant entity that sits in the first chakra at the bottom of our back. This energy is released during an orgasm, but can also be emitted during life threatening situations. Every heard of people developing superhuman strength during times of need? Well, this is thought to be Kundalini energy.

Can we access it?

Over the course of hundreds of years, people have developed massage styles that enable us to harness Kundalini energy- Tantric being one of them. By meditating on the chakras, Kundalini can be activated and will begin to rise through the body. Kundalini energy is wound up in us like a tight spring, and when accessed, can enter our bodies like an explosion. However more importantly, these releases aren’t always pleasurable- they can be uncomfortable and damaging if not controlled. This is why a trained expert should always be sought out for your first few attempts for your Kundalini tantric massage.

What is a Tantric massage and how does is harness Kundalini energy?

Tantric massage falls into the Asian category and combines sexual stimulation with spiritual teaching. An authentic Tantric massage involves gentle, slow stimulation that covers all areas of the body. By pinpointing erogenous locations, such as the neck and ears, arousal can be built up gradually, rather than instantaneously. This is one of the components involved in accessing the chakras (the body’s energies). Kundalini Tantric massage aims to send people into a euphoric state of self- meaning their mind, body and soul is open and free. This allows the chakras, both negative and positive, to escape and grow, thus resulting in a more powerful finish. Ultimately, Kundalini is harnessed to encourage stronger energies and cause a higher level of vibration throughout the body. This cleanses the organs, balances the chakras and cleanses the mind of negativity. It is one of the key ingredients needed to reach a full body, intense orgasm.

kundalini tantric massage chakras


What happens during a Kundalini Tantric massage?

A typical Kundalini Tantric sessions starts with a full body Swedish-style massage. This is non-sexual, but relaxes the mind and body completely. After several minutes, the masseuse will signal for the client to turn over onto their back where she will begin the Kundalini Tantric massage session. Using expert techniques and showing breathing techniques, the client will fall into a deeper, euphoric state of relaxation. At this point, chakras in the body will begin to surface and show themselves to the client. Some of these may be negative- but that’s natural. If anything, it’s a positive, because it allows clients to face their demons head on and then banish them. Using sensual touch, the masseuse will then stimulate erogenous points on the body that are closely linked with pleasure. A gradual rise of arousal is the key feature of this style as it makes for a more intense orgasm at the end. Over the course of an hour, the client will be touched, teased and massaged, and will be brought to the point of orgasm time and time again. Eventually, when the masseuse allows it, client’s often experience a once in a lifetime orgasm- an orgasm that pulses through them through electricity. As well as being incredibly pleasurable, it’s also therapeutic.

What are the benefits of a Kundalini Tantric massage?

The benefits of this tantric massage are extensive– and are often valuable long after the session has ended. This massage teaches client’s to access a deeper state of mind, allowing them to control their chakra’s and therefore their thoughts and feelings. Regular practitioners of this style are generally happier and healthier, and that’s because this massage can benefit people both mentally and physically. Biologically, is boosts our immune system and encourages the body to release waste from our body. Mentally, it drastically lowers stress, anxiety and depression and gives us a sense of fulfilment. And spiritually, it is enlightening beyond words.

If you feel like controlling your Kundalini energy could benefit you, then book in for an authentic Kundalini Tantric massage with an expert. To experience this with a fully trained, Asian masseuse, call the number below and choose from a flexible outcall service or a quick and easy incall.

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Asian erotic massage services central London

True or False? 10 Facts About Erotic Massage

Have you ever heard of an Asian erotic massage? If you have, what do you think when you heard the name? Maybe that it’s seedy, perverted and illegal? Many people automatically assume the worst when it comes to an erotic Asian massage, but we’re here to change your mind and show you that a lot of the conceptions about this massage are actually myths.

Asian Erotic Massage: The Facts

1. It’s illegal

False. Asian erotic massages are not necessarily examples of prostitution. The girls are trained masseuses, not escorts or sex workers (refer to point seven). Even if they offer anything beyond a massage, it’s off their own accord and as a private, consensual arrangement between the masseuse and the client. Nevertheless, prostitution isn’t illegal in the UK. Running a brothel is, but that’s not what we do at Erotic Massage UK.

2. It’s seedy

False. Erotic Asian massages are arts which the masseuses train intensively in order to learn. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to get an Asian erotic massage. This is the label that’s been given to the art by society. It’s true that some of the seedier people in society may get Asian erotic massages, but they are often quite expensive and the soaring prices deter riffraff.

3. You can only get it in red light districts

False. It used to be the case but now it’s widely taught and practised in places all over the country. At Erotic Massage UK, we offer a variety of authentic Asian massage services, exclusive to central and Greater London. Our masseuses are available for incall massages or can provide outcall service.

4. You get a happy ending

True. Happy endings come as an optional add-on and we highly recommend them if you’re after a fulfilling stress release because orgasms are a physical manifestation of stress. At Erotic Massage UK, all of our masseuses are skilled in various techniques meant to prolong pleasure and give you the intense release you’re looking for.

5. It’s purely a sexual experience

False. In Asian culture, Asian erotic massage is seen as a spiritual journey that rejuvenates the body and mind.


Asian erotic massage services in London

6. It’s only for men

False. This is a major misconception, because Asian erotic massage can be enjoyed by women as well as men. It can even be enjoyed by couples. Sexual orientation doesn’t matter either!

7. The masseuses are sex workers

False. Many people assume that Asian erotic massages are forms of prostitution, but they’re not. The masseuses are genuinely trained massage therapists who just so happen to massage the sexual parts of the body as well as the normal parts. This results in more holistically relaxing and satisfying results.

8. Only Asian massage parlours provide the authentic service

False. There are places in London that employ European, Hispanic and Latino masseuses. It’s not restricted to race. However, at Erotic Massage UK, we only employ Asian girls because we believe that as it’s an Asian therapy, it’s best enjoyed at the hands of an Asian girl. All of our gorgeous Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean and Thai masseuses are highly trained therapists and are guaranteed to give you an unforgettable hour of your life.

9. It’s good for stress

True. An Asian erotic massage combines all of the relaxing massage techniques to work knots out of your muscles with sensual methods meant to help release your tension in a pleasurable way. Did you know that orgasms actually help to reduce stress? When you orgasm, your body releases hormones that work to reduce anxiety and keep you feeling calm – both of which equal a stress-free state of mind!

10. It’s good for health

True. As well as reducing stress, an Asian erotic massage also improves your immune system. Cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress, reduces the number of white blood cells in our bloodstream. Orgasms eliminate stress and this hormone, which boosts our immune system. Asian erotic massage therapy also stimulates blood circulation, which means cells receive fresh blood filled with nutrients more efficiently and remove waste products more quickly.

So why wait? get your Asian Erotic Massage Now!

So, there you go – 10 truths and myths about Asian erotic massage! Were you surprised by any of them? If you’re interested in trying an authentic Asian erotic massage, we offer a specialised Asian massage service to London. From just £130 an hour, you can choose to experience the most mind-blowing hour of your life. What are you waiting for?

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