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how to use tantric massage as a ritual

Lingam & Tantric Massage: The Oldest And Best Erotic Massages

Erotic massage has a long and proud history. Most originate from Asia, typically China or India and are based on theories about energy. They run on the basis that the human body is a vessel of energy. When the ducts carrying the energy become clogged and energy is trapped in a particular area or cannot flow as efficiently, you are more likely to become stressed, suffer from pain or contract an illness. Erotic massage works to release the trapped energies and regular sessions help to prevent this build up.

When you think of erotic massages, do you automatically think of some small, dingy place down some dark, dodgy alley? The kind of place only sleazy old guys visit? Erotic massage is actually a highly misunderstood art and here’s why.

The Lingam as a symbol of creation

The Sanskrit word ‘lingam’ means ‘penis’. Scholars believed that Lord Shiva, a Hindu deity, was a formless being whose symbol was a phallus. Because of this and the fact that the penis is one of the two most important things needed for creation, the Ancient Hindus worshipped the penis. The lingam massage came about as one of the ways to treat the organ with respect.

There are phallic statues built in front of temples in India, and monks pour water over them to represent copulation and ejaculation. Sex is seen as a holy thing because it is one of the few activities where vital energies can be exchanged. A lingam massage works to improve the chance of successful energy exchange.

the lingam massage as a symbol of creation
The lingam massage

A lingam massage is a massage that is designed for male pleasure. It uses massage techniques that are meant to relax the body and stimulate the penis area. A variety of techniques are used to manipulate the penis and surrounding areas, which cause arousal and deep pleasure.

However, a lingam massage isn’t meant solely for pleasure. Lingam therapists use slow, sensual movements to gradually build up tension over a long period of time. They will slowly work you right up to the edge of an orgasm and then slow down just before you finish – repeatedly! This will keep you on that pleasurable edge, which will feel frustrating but extremely gratifying. When you do finally ejaculate, it’ll be extremely intense and a physical representation of all your tensions flooding out of you.

How the massage helps the body

The longer you edge along an orgasm, the more pleasurable it will be and the more self-control you will exercise. This does wonders for your control during sex, so if you find that you suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, a lingam massage will help ease this. You’ll find that your orgasms will become stronger and more satisfying, which makes for a more enjoyable sexual experience for both you and your partner.

Tantra as an ancient ritual

Just like lingam massage, tantric massage was born from an ancient Hindu tradition. Tantra is a type of Indian meditation that focuses on maintaining a constant calm sense of mind and in doing so, expanding your awareness. Tantric massage evolved from this, but instead of just meditating, became associated with manual therapy. This meant that the body was actively stimulated as well as the mind and practitioners found that it was more effective.

Tantra and tantric massage is based on the energy theory as well. They work on the basis that sexual energies are one of the most important of life energies. But instead of releasing it, a tantric massage works to preserve that energy. Ejaculation is seen as wasting this valuable energy, so tantric techniques are used to help the man learn to control his orgasms. Ultimately, he will learn to experience the pleasurable contractions without wasting a single drop of energy.

erotic massage and tantric massage as a ritual


The tantric massage

Tantric massage follows a very rigid ritual and is arguably the slowest type of erotic massage. Like lingam massage, it focuses on slow, prolonged arousal. Typically, tantric sessions begin with a series of breathing exercises and mantra chanting, which helps to bind the masseuse and client’s spirits.

The massage itself is extremely pleasurable and satisfying. Again, it focuses on a slow build-up and you are brought to and kept at the edge of an orgasm for a period of time. It’s all about mind control and feeling your spirit escape to another level of consciousness.

Tantric lingam massage

It is possible to combine the two erotic massages for the ultimate cultivation and preservation of energy. There are tantric influences in lingam massage, particularly the emphasis on sexual control. Tantric practitioners believe that during sex, a phenomenal exchange of cosmic and sexual energies occur. Fusing a lingam massage (or yoni for females) with tantric influences enhances this exchange and overall, makes for better sexual experience and satisfaction.

To book your authentic tantric or lingam massage in Soho, then all you need to do is give us a call or book online using our booking form.

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5 misconceptions about getting a happy ending massage

5 Misconceptions About Happy Ending Massage

In massage circles, a happy ending is a pseudonym for an orgasm, so it’s safe to assume that a happy ending massage is one of an erotic nature and uses sexual techniques to bring the client to ejaculation or orgasm. So it’s understandable if you don’t want to engage in that sort of activity with a stranger. And god forbid if your partner tries it. I mean, it sounds like borderline prostitution, right?!

But the thing is, happy ending massages aren’t as bad as their scandalous covers make them sound. And Many people often have many questions to ask when it comes to happy ending massages. So here are five of the most common misconceptions about happy ending massages.

5 misconceptions about getting a happy ending massage1. It’s not prostitution

This is the biggest misconception about happy ending massages. Although it might seem like prostitution because the masseuses provide sexual services, the therapists don’t like to class themselves as prostitutes because they directly provide massages, not sex. The massage is supposed to arouse the client but the orgasm that often concludes the session is a side product, not the aim. That’s one of the main differences between erotic massages and prostitution – both provide arousal and pleasure, but massage is still manual therapy that’s meant to ease muscle tension.

happy ending massage is not prostitution2. It’s an art

Erotic massage is an art and requires skill that cannot be learnt overnight. Massage therapy itself requires training because there are a variety of techniques and areas on the body that best correspond to certain techniques. Incorrectly applying a technique may result in discomfort, pain or even injury. As well as that, masseuses have trained meticulously for years to learn the proper way of inducing arousal and prolonging pleasure to create satisfaction. There may be plenty of “give your partner an erotic massage” guides out there on the web, but they can only provide tips and a sliver of the pleasure you could be experiencing. Just like how you’d visit a spa to get a proper Swedish massage, visiting a proper massage parlour or trying a service with a professional erotic therapist ensures you are getting the full benefits.

happy ending massage is an art form3. It can save your marriage

If you heard a story about a couple turning to a happy ending massage to save their relationship, you’d think it was a farce or they’d obviously sold their story to the press to make a bit of extra money. They might as well have introduced an escort or prostitute into their marriage or started an open relationship, because it’s basically cheating, right? Wrong! Despite whatever perceptions you have, happy ending massages can actually save dying relationships. The most common reason behind dying relationships is the loss of chemistry. The sex isn’t as great as it used to be, neither of you feel satisfied and so, you just don’t want to make an effort anymore. An erotic masseuse, who is trained in the arts of pleasure, can help you both embrace your sensuality, discover spots on your body that you didn’t know could turn you on and help you rediscover that lost spark.

happy ending massage can save your marriage4. It can save your job

Happy ending massages end in orgasms and orgasms are actually really good for you, despite society’s hush-hush approach to sexual activity. During orgasm and the lead-up to it, the body releases a cocktail of endorphin’s and hormones into the bloodstream. The hormones, which include oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and prolactin, are known to stabilise mood, reduce anxiety, induce a state of calm, activate the brain’s pleasure centre and encourages the formation of relationship bonds. A combination of these effects can actually help you in daily life. When your pleasure centre is activated, you are more wired and motivated to complete tasks that will pleasure you, such as succeed in your job. This, combined with a stable, calm mood, will surely help you get ahead in your career and motivate you to impress your boss.

5. It’s good for health, physically and psychologically

A happy ending massage uses a combination of sexual and standard massage techniques, which will result in full-body satisfaction. We all know that places like the shoulders, neck and back are where we typically carry stress, but we also carry stress in the genital area. Because of society, we downplay the importance of sexual satisfaction when it comes to stress relief. The massage itself will help improve blood circulation and ease tense muscles, but the happy ending part helps to release tension from these areas. Plus, orgasms release a bunch of hormones into the bloodstream (see point four) that make us feel good about life.

So there you go – five misunderstandings about getting an erotic happy ending massage. Now that you know, you don’t have to be afraid of getting one.

happy ending massage le fini

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sensual massage in London with asian masseuses

Bring Back The Intimacy in Your Relationship With A Sensual Massage

In this day and age, relationships are often weighed down by the stresses of life. From busy schedules to money problems to kids, relationships often take a blow as a result. But how can you put some spice back into your romance? Weekends away? Too expensive. Spontaneous dinners in the city? Contradicting agendas. Wild, passionate sex? You’ve already done that a million times. So what is the solution? How do you reignite the fire before it burns out for good? Well, here’s an idea: How about giving your significant other a sexy sensual massage?

Why a sensual massage?

Proven to be one of the best relaxation techniques out there, sensual massages are guaranteed to submerge both you and your partner into a tranquil state of mind. Switching off is almost impossible for most people, but this incredibly spiritual massage technique is designed to encourage exactly that. By letting go of stress and anxiety, people are able to enjoy undisturbed relaxation and pleasure, which is imperative when it comes to reaffirming a bond within a relationship. If you’re holding onto any anger against your partner, you won’t by the end of the session. If you’re struggling to open up emotionally with your partner, you’ll feel more comfortable than ever by the end of the session. If you don’t feel like your partner is attracted to you anymore, you’ll feel sexier then you ever have by the end of your session. That is a promise.

sensual massage in London with asian masseuses

Strengthen the trust and bond.

Sadly, a lack of trust is often the fatal blow for a great deal of relationships today. People are wary of social media, marriage isn’t as sacred anymore and cheating is, well, easy to do nowadays. However, there are ways to reaffirm your love without flashing the cash or deleting your Facebook account. All massages require trust, because you’re either handing over your body, or the body is in your hands. Receiving a sensual massage means that you’re surrendering yourself completely to your partner, and this requires closeness and faith.

sensual massage helps build trustBuilds intimacy.

Intimacy comes in two different forms: Physical and mental- both of which are present through sensual massage. Sensual massages are incredibly intimate physically because they’re made up of slow and loving techniques designed to make you feel loved. Alternatively, they’re mentally intimate because they’re exposing and force you to open your mind and emotions. The receiver is made to feel pampered, secured and adored, whereas the giver feels dominant and giving. Every stroke will bring you closer together.

bring back the intimacy with a sensual massageThey make you feel in love.

Experiencing a sensual massage with your partner is a great way to liven up your relationship. Skin on skin touch stimulates the production of the ‘love drug’, oxytocin which increases the feeling love between two people. This powerful hormone might be just what you need to inject some passion back into your relationship. Both pleasurable and emotional, you’ll never feel closer to your partner then you will after a sensual massage.

sensual massage makes you feel lovedIt’s the one-one-one time you need.

Living in a society where everyone has a smart phone glued to their hands and date nights now consist of ‘netflix and chill’, spending some real alone time together is uncommon. Sensual massages require only a few things: you, your partner, some massage oil and an open mind- the ultimate recipe for romance. Rather than going for dinner and talking about work, become intimate with your partner and give them a sexy sensual erotic massage. Instead of watching a movie and not connecting in any way, feel the beat of each other’s hearts again by getting close during your massage. They say romance is dead; you can bring it back to life by giving your partner a soothing sensual massage.

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what to do after a nuru massage

What To Do After A Nuru Massage

If you’re interested in getting a naughty Nuru massage, there are a couple of things you need to know before sliding onto that Nuru mat. Nuru’s aren’t a walk in the park- in fact, they’re very demanding on the body, which is its crucial to take specific steps both before and after a session. The positivists of a Nuru are often long lasting, but this is only possible when clients follow strict instructions. If you want to get your money’s worth, here’s what you need to do after your Nuru massage:

Have a snack!

Feeling a little peckish after your morning workout? That’s normal, most people do. But you’ll feel the exact same way after your Nuru, believe it or not. Nuru massages speed up your bodily functions, one of which happens to be the digestive system. Most people find that after any type of massage, they feel light heated and sick, and the main reason for this is because their body requires an energy boost. But it’s a great excuse to have a post-massage snack! Then again, don’t try and get around this by having a large meal before you session is due to start- you’ll regret it, seriously. Having a gorgeous masseuse slide and grind all over you is incredible, but not with a belly full of food. Have a light snack beforehand and then do the same after your session- it’s definitely worth trying.

after a nuru massage

Drink plenty of water

So, your massage is over and you’re feeling crazy relaxed. You’ll probably want to pick up a latte from Starbucks, read a newspaper and then head out for the day. But that’s literally the worst thing you could do! Experiencing a Nuru massage will have the same effect on your body as a workout would in terms of water loss, so re-hydrating your body is extremely important. Stimulating the muscles increases circulation of the lymphatic system and blood, but to do so, the blood needs a regular supply of water to carry oxygen around the body. The lymphatic system is responsible for ridding the body of toxins, so when it’s starved of water, it becomes lethargic and ineffective. This is what leads to a build-up of toxins, aches, pains and fatigue. Commonly, people use the toilet more frequently after a Nuru massage because the lymphatic system is banishing toxins through urine. This is normal, but the water must be replaced! So basically, if you’re not a regular water drinker but you’re getting a Nuru, you better pick up a Volvic on your way!

Welcome your emotions

If you’ve ever experienced a Nuru massage before, you’ll know that it’s like taking a trip to emotion-lane. The body and mind are connected, so when your body relaxes, so does your mind. Ever heard the saying, ‘opening of the floodgates’? Well, for a lot of people who’ve experienced Nuru massages before, this term happens to be very accurate. Whilst you’ll probably feel energised, elated and peaceful, you might find yourself filling up with tears as well. Stress is an incredibly powerful thing, and can impact us in more ways than we could ever being to understand. Stress, emotions and hormones all manifest themselves in our bodies, so when they mind is free, so are these feelings. But it’s important to remember that as well as being completely normal, emotional releases are actually really good for you, and this is exactly why Nuru massages are renowned for having long-lasting benefits.  Not only are they insanely pleasurable, but they’re also therapeutic, and might be just what you need- even if you don’t know it yet!

be sure to welcome your emotions after a nuru massage in london

Watch your body’s reaction

We’ve touched on this a little bit already, but massages are full body workouts, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Most people find that their muscles are a little sore after a Nuru massage, and that’s because they’ve been stretched, kneaded and exercised. When muscles get overly tight for long periods of time, it restricts the blood vessels in that particular area, preventing toxins from being flushed out of the system. When the muscles are massaged and relax, releasing tension can leave you feeling tender (just like after a workout), but it normally eases off after a day. In some cases, however, soreness can last a couple of days, and this is usually as a result of the masseuse pushing your body too far. If this is the case, vocalise this to your masseuse for your next session so that she is able to tailor the massage to one that is more suited to your limits. Similarly, if you’ve never had a massage before or haven’t had one for a while, signing up for a couple of sessions, rather than one sporadic appointment is often more effective for the body as a whole. If you are sore, it’s probably because you had more tension in your muscles to be released; therefore each session will be less uncomfortable. Several sessions with the same masseuse will give you the best results- but more importantly, it’s a great excuse to go back for more!

Sound Like Fun to You? 

If that sounds like a piece of cake to you, then what else are you waiting for? to indulge in your own amazing and sultry outcall nuru massage in Mayfair. Then all you need to do is either pick up the phone and give us a call or book online using our form, and we’ll bring this once in a lifetime nuru massage experience to you.


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Asian outcall massage in tower bridge

What You Should Know Before You Get an Erotic Massage

If you’re looking to try an erotic massage, you should read this first. An erotic massage is one designed for satisfaction, physically, mentally and sexually, and can leave you in a state of absolute relaxation. But there are certain rules to follow and guidelines to play by that many people don’t actually realise. Here are some of the things you should know before you get an erotic massage:

1. It’s not all about sexual satisfaction

With any style of massage therapy, it’s natural to become a little aroused. Unlike standard massages erotic massages directly address this by focusing on massaging the sexual areas as well as the normal areas of the body. Because of this, many people incorrectly assume that an erotic massage is a way of providing salacious sexual acts. In reality, an erotic massage is a unique way of providing complete relaxation. We forget how much tension is related to sexual frustration. Standard massage therapy never stimulates these areas and only ever focuses on the obvious areas of stress such as the shoulders. But the sexual areas actually hold a lot of tension and erotic massages work to release it from these areas as well as the normal areas. As a result, you are literally left completely free of stress and aches from every inch of your body. This is what an erotic massage aims for.

Asian erotic massage services tower bridge

2. Focus on your breathing

An erotic massage will really test your control and patience. The masseuse will arouse your body using a variety of techniques, slowly building up the tension until you’re right at the edge of orgasm. And then she’ll suddenly back off so you don’t orgasm. The masseuse will do this multiple times so you’re kept on the constant edge of orgasm. It’ll feel very frustrating but extremely pleasurable, and when you do finally orgasm, it’ll be the biggest, most intense release of tensions you’ve ever had. But the key to achieving this is breathing. Regularly practising edging will improve your sex drive, control, prevent premature ejaculation and overall, make for better sexual experiences.

3. Always shower beforehand

Because an erotic massage is so intimate, it’s advised that you shower thoroughly beforehand. It’s not necessary, but it’s just politeness. Put yourself in the therapist’s shoes. How would you feel if you had to massage a sweaty man who reeks of BO and has prickly body hair? Be considerate, a gentleman and maintain a good level of self-cleanliness.

4. Don’t overthink

Apart from focusing on your breathing, don’t lie there thinking about work, your marital problems, the argument you had with your sister last week or the fact that you’re probably losing that bet you have on the football. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel every stroke of the masseuse’s soft hands. Feel every glorious sensation and allow your mind to drift away. It’s the only way you’ll experience the famed relaxation we’ve been banging on about for the past 200 words.

24 hr asian erotic massage in tower bridge

5. Never treat the therapists/masseuses like they are prostitutes

Whatever you might think they are, the masseuses are not prostitutes. They are professional therapists who have trained in massage therapy and the art of providing pleasure. There are various types of erotic massages – for example tantric massage and prostate massage – and therapists train meticulously for years to master the art. There might be guides out there on how to recreate the ultimate erotic massage, but only trained erotic masseuses can provide an authentic session and the true extent of the benefits that come along with it. Balancing relaxation with pleasure and maintaining that professional boundary isn’t an easy feat. That’s what separates erotic masseuses from prostitutes. They aren’t there to just sexually satisfy you, they are there to help rid your body and mind of all its anxieties, knots and pains.

So there it is all the things you should know before you get an erotic massage, and hopefully it won’t be your last either. An erotic massage can be a very deep and meaningful experience for those who receive one. There are many options available when it comes to choosing the right massage for you, however if your looking to try an Asian erotic massage in Tower Bridge then we have the perfect solution for you, With our incall and outcall massage service. If you want to try an authentic erotic massage at the hands of a highly trained professional therapist, then be sure to chose us for your erotic massage experience.

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lingam massage secrets of the trade

Lingam Massage – Secrets of The Trade

If you’re feeling daring enough to give your partner a Lingam massage, there’s one thing you need to know before you get started- The lingam (penis) is sacred. According to Tantric practice, in order to give an expert-worthy lingam massage, you need to believe in, and follow this teaching. The massage should not be rushed- it should delicate, gentle and even loving in many ways. As the giver, it is your duty to unselfishly give. Although this massage should be performed without an expectation, it should always be performed with an intention- to blow your partners mind!

Why give a Lingam massage to begin with?

Aside from earning some serious brownie points with your man friend, they’re an intimate activity filled to the brim with love and appreciation, in all forms. It’s a great way to rekindle some romance, but it also has an array of benefits for your man:

• Improves blood circulation
• Enhances sensitivity
• Sexual pleasure
• Better ejaculation control
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Minimises depression
• Improves sexual stamina
• Helps tackle depression

What do you need?

A man– Seems pretty self-explanatory, but be sure to choose your lucky fellow carefully. This is an intimate session, so select someone you’re totally comfortable with- ideally a boyfriend or husband.

Lubricant– The lingam is crazy sensitive, so avoid excessive amounts of friction- this will not be enjoyable for your man, trust me. Lubricant is a great way to avoid this, and it also makes most of the techniques more fluid and easier to perform.

Candles– Tantric practice takes a holistic approach to relaxation, so that means you’ve got to set the mood. Scented candles are a great way to alert the senses and get your arousal levels flowing.

Towels– Now, towels serve a few purposes. First of all, be sure to lay some out on your bed or floor to catch any stray lubricant. Secondly, the massage can get a little messy at the end (if you catch my drift) so the last thing you want is to have to mop up your partners swimmers off the carpet!

A warm room– Furthering to setting the scene, avoid conducting your massage in a morgue. Warm the room so that it’s nice enough to be naked in. Then again, people also avoid giving lingam massages in the Sahara desert for good reason. The massage is bound to get you both hot and sweaty in time! Room temperature people, room temperature!

lingam massage secrets of the trade

Start by meditating

It’s important to always keep in mind that this massage isn’t just a bona fide hand-job, it’s a spiritual journey shared with your partner. Start by gazing into one another’s eyes and synchronising your breathing. This will align your energies (chakras) and connect you on a much deeper level. Ask your partner to lie on his front and relax whilst you start massaging his body from the feet up. Leave no area untouched, but use gentle, teasing touches when venturing towards the inner thighs and pelvic area. Once you’ve reached his shoulders, realign your breathing and carefully roll him onto his back. This is where the massage really begins…

Lingam massage techniques

It’s all well and good setting everything up and getting your boyfriend pumped, but when it comes down to it, do you actually know what you’re doing? Probably not- that’s what Tantric masseuses are for after all, but luckily, we are here to leak all of the trade secrets just for you…

lingam massage secrets of the trade

Awaken the Lingam

This massage is slow and sensual, so you need to ensure that your partner is eased into by using an awakening technique to begin with. All you need to do it is use your first finger and thumb on both hands to grip the base of the lingam. Then, slowly work your way up alternating hands until you reach the head. Repeat a couple of times and then progress to full palm squeezes.

The Skier

This enticing technique is great for warming up arousal levels. Using the thumbs, start at the base and slide them up and down the lingam. You can use this technique on different parts of the lingam (i.e, front, back side etc), but ensure that the strokes remain gentle and tender.

The Corkscrewer

This is where things start to get a little more energetic which is why this technique is used to get waves of pleasure flowing through the body. This method focuses on the tip of the penis, the area that is particularly sensitive. Wrap your hands around the head of the lingam and initiate twisting movements around it. Be sure to apply plenty of lubricant for this technique so that it’s easier for you and feels more sensitive for your partner.

Wringing out

This movement is as exactly what it sounds like, and therefore requires the attention of both hands. With one hand wrapped around the base of the penis and the other around the head, use contradicting twisting movements like you’re wringing out a towel.

Making fire

It’s time to heat things up now- so get the fire going. Using the palms of the hands, place them either side of the lingam and use quick movements to stimulate the sensations. If you’ve ever started a fire before using a stick, take inspiration from this movement and project it onto the lingam.

Testicle cupping

The testicles are sensitive, so don’t forget to show them some love too. Use one hand to cup the testicles and use the other to massage the lingam. The differentiating sensations will drive your partner crazy!

Prostate massage

When it comes to a prostate massage, it’s important to get permission from your partner before giving it a go. Most men are apprehensive to explore a prostate massage and anal play because it can seem incredibly daunting at first- but if willing, its unprecedented in its pleasure. Be generous with the lubricant, and then slide a finger into the anus until you’re able to locate the prostate (a walnut-sized ball). Once you’ve identified it, gently massage and stroke it and watch as your partner wriggles in intense pleasure. But do not neglect the lingam- combine this technique with a lingam stroke of your choice for pleasure like no other.

We love a happy ending massage

The Happy Ending

Now, although your partner probably will reach orgasm, it is not the final destination of the massage. Your partner will undoubtedly be oozing with mind-blowing sensations and feelings by this point, so it’s up to him whether he chooses to release his tension.

Either way, you have already given him his happy ending.


Maybe you are single but want to experience a lustful lingam massage? Well, book in for a session now with one of our Asian outcall masseuses and be transported through the experience of a lifetime. All you need to do to enjoy the best lingam massage in Covent Garden is pick up the phone and give us a call!

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4 hands tantric massage in marylebone

The Top 4 Massages to Get With a Four Hands Service

Ready For Some Four Hands Massage Fun?

Ever heard of a 4 Hands massage before? If you haven’t, just had a seriously deprived adulthood. But do not fear, we are here to enrich your mind with the delights of erotic massages. The thing is, 4 Hand massages aren’t actually a massage- they are a service which is combined with a particular style of massage. If you haven’t already worked it out for yourself, four Hands = 2 masseuses. Now that is one good looking equation if I do say so myself! Paying for the 4 Hands service means that there’s twice as many hands and twice as many benefits, but which massage styles are best to team up this next-level experience? Here’s out top 5 massages to get alongside the 4 Hands service:

Tantric Massage

If you’ve hit puberty, you’ve heard of Tantra. End of. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you know what it is. Tantric massages are derived from the ancient practice of Tantra, which uses sexual stimulation and touch to unlock energies within the body. A Tantric massage is an incredibly slow and very sensual style of erotic massage, and promises to leave every single client feeling totally refreshed and revived. This style includes various techniques from different schools of massage; elements taken from bioenergetics, sexual therapy and yoga. This therapeutic experience forces client’s to break down their barriers and banish their negative chakras, awaken the Tantric warrior within them. Both erotic and sensual, Tantric massages are rife with healing properties and are not practiced purely for sexual gain. By selecting this massage alongside the Four Hands service, clients should expect to be projected into a euphoric state of bliss never experienced before.
What is this massage best for?
If you’ve been starved of romance and pine for the intimate touch of a woman, a Tantric massage should be the massage of your choice.


4 hands tantric massage in marylebone

Nuru Massage

When we think of Nuru, we think of naughty- and here’s exactly why. Although Nuru massages do begin with a full body, relaxing, sensual, Swedish massage, the child’s play is short lived, and then the real fun begins. Originating in Japan many centuries ago, Nuru is a special kind of gel known for its stringy, slippery texture. Renowned for its slick consistency, expert masseuses began using it to slide, grind and slither all over their clients. This body-to-body experience is notoriously sexy because the masseuse uses the curves of her body, her breasts and buttocks to relieve tension right across the body. This unique and widely practiced massage is powerfully intimate, and combines tenderness and lust for the ultimate passionate experience. Merging a Nuru with the four Hands service is not for the faint heartened- far from it. It is designed for thrill seekers; those who are thirsty for pure ecstasy. If you’re looking to have your mind, body and soul completely blown, get a 4 Handed Nuru.

What is this massage best for?
For a wild, raunchy hour of hot and steamy action, there’s no other massage that compares.

get the best four hands nuru massage in maryleboneProstate

If you’re hungry for new sensations and a different kind of pleasure, a Prostate massage might be just what you need. If you’re bored of vanilla sex, bog-standard hand-jobs and not-so-mind-blowing, blow jobs, maybe it’s time to venture through the back door? Believe it or not, Prostate massages were originally created to treat prostate-related illnesses, and are still recommended by doctors for their undeniable healing properties. However, they’re also insanely pleasurable. Over the centuries, men have not only sought out these distinctive massages for their health benefits, but instead, for their orgasms. The male prostate, also known as the male G-spot is a walnut-shaped ball of sensation. It is the central location for intense, toe-curling pleasure in men- fact. Choosing this style alongside the 4 Hands service does not mean that both masseuses will stimulate the prostate at the same time (ouch). It means that whilst one focuses on physical stimulation, the other will focus on alternative erogenous locations across the body. This incredible blend of alternate sensations truly is beyond words.

What is this massage best for?
If you’ve never explored anal play and you’re feeling experimental, paying for a Prostate massage will be the best thing you’ll ever do.


get the cheapest four hands prostate massage in marylebone

Happy Ending

Although most erotic massages result in a ‘happy ending’, it’s pretty much guaranteed with this style. However, what differentiates Happy Ending massages from other styles is that they’re all about worshipping the lingam (penis) – the sacred source of pleasure in Tantric practice. Whilst one masseuse stimulates the lingam, prostate and perineum the other will synchronise her movements on muscles across the body. 4 handed Happy Ending massages are the personification of Tantra because they unite pleasure and relaxation to complement one another. Without one, the other is hindered, which is why they rely on one another in order to create the ultimate pleasure and the ultimate relaxation. Happy Ending massages are designed to give clients a holistic release- physically and mentally. Falling into pure serenity is one of the best ways to cleanse the mind of stress and anxiety, so this massage is fantastic for ‘letting go’. Although 2 handed Happy Ending massages are desirable, choosing this massage with two masseuses really is twice as beneficial.

What is this massage best for?
I think the above description says it all- book for the orgasm of dreams.


get the best 4 hands service happy ending massage in London
The choice is up to you!

There you have it- our top 4 massages to combine with the famous 4 hands service. All erotic massages are unique and amazing in their own way, but so are you. Although a certain style massage might be right for one person, doesn’t mean it is for you. The fantasy of most men, four hands massages are arguably one of the, if not the sexiest massage service on the market- however, be sure to choose a style that’ll have the best results for you. Still undecided? Well, there’s only one way to go about it. Try them all and discover what you really need, whether it’s body-tingling pleasure or hypnotic relaxation. To book your Asian four hands massage in marylebone today, then book online or call us. And you can have a gorgeous masseuses at your door within the hour.



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erotic massage vs hot stone massage which is better?

Which is Better? Erotic Massage vs Hot Stone Massage

Massage therapy is extremely effective when it comes to providing physical and mental satisfaction. It is a form of manual therapy that works on manipulating the body’s tissues. This results in relief from muscle tension and mental anxieties, which can have an immensely positive impact on mood.

Massage therapy splits into two branches: normal and erotic, which are similar and yet extremely different. One focuses solely on providing relief from muscle aches while the other is more about stimulating the body towards arousal and working towards a pleasurable release. We’ve put together a little piece to help you decide which type is best for you.

What is erotic massage?

Erotic massage is a special type of therapy that combines muscle manipulation with sensual arousal. This leaves clients in a hybrid state of prolonged pleasure, relaxation and total satisfaction. It uses a combination of normal massage techniques and specialised movements that are designed to excite the senses and cause arousal. Contrary to popular belief, orgasm is not the goal of an erotic massage – an erotic massage is meant to help the individual release their pent-up tensions and desires. Prolonged build-up of tensions can be dangerous, so regular erotic sessions are recommended for a healthy mental well being.

what is an erotic massage? is it better than a hot stone massage?

How does it work and what are the benefits?

An erotic massage uses techniques that are meant to arouse the body. For this reason, many people are intimidated by the thought. Letting a stranger sexually arouse you? Sounds a bit dodgy, doesn’t it? But this is a misconception. Erotic massages help people stay stress-free and balanced.

Unlike standard massages, erotic styles also stimulate the sexual areas, which is why people get aroused. It’s true that stress is generally carried in places like the shoulders and neck, but it’s also carried in the sexual parts. Haven’t you noticed that sex and pleasure, whether sexually induced or not, help with stress release? That’s because during pleasurable situations, particularly orgasm, a mixture of feel-good hormones are released into the bloodstream.

Erotic massage and the techniques used in a session directly target the pleasure centre of the brain by encouraging the release of these hormones. The hormones are oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and prolactin – all of which work to stabilise mood, create a sense of calm, reduce anxiety and encourage the formation of relationship bonds.

Erotic massage is also fantastic for reducing sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction. Typical sessions involve ‘edging’ techniques, where the therapist repeatedly brings the client to the edge of orgasm. This helps with orgasm control and in improving sex drive. From this, the client can also feel a surge in confidence.

As well as all these psychological benefits, erotic massage also helps the body in a physical way too. The erotic massage techniques used increase blood flow and improve circulation. When the circulation is more efficient, nutrients are carried more quickly to cells and tissues, and waste is removed more quickly from the body. This also means that the digestive and immune systems work more efficiently. Also, research has found the number of white blood cells increase during orgasm, so pleasure can actually help you fight off illnesses much more quickly!

What should I expect?

Because of the nature of an erotic massage, it is recommended to wear as little as clothing as possible. Typically, most clients and masseuses are naked to allow for as much contact and arousal as possible. If you want a bit more modesty, you can wear swimwear, underwear or light clothing.

An erotic massage will begin with a standard massage where the therapist will rub you from head to toe. This begins the relaxation process. Then, a series of slow and sensual techniques will be used. These are designed to slowly build up arousal and work towards a large release of tension. The masseuse will repeatedly bring you and forth from the very edge of orgasm. It will feel frustrating – to be so close and yet so far – but the build-up of tension represents your stresses and anxieties. When the therapist finally lets you go, your body and mind will be flooded with pleasure, satisfaction and contentment.

What is a hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage is a style of massage that uses smooth, heated stones that are strategically placed on your body by the therapist. The therapist may also hold the stones in their palms and use them to manually massage the body. The heat and weight of the stones are meant to penetrate the body’s tissues, relaxing the tense muscles so the therapist can reach deeper levels at a quicker pace.

The use of hot stones for healing goes back to when the Native Americans heated stones to ease muscle aches, although the modern therapy is usually credited to Mary Nelson, a massage therapist from Arizona who developed LaStone Therapy. The use of hot stones is what makes this massage so unique. The stones, which are smooth and usually made of basalt as they best retain heat, are heated in water. The therapist will use an electric heater to warm the stones until they are within a specific temperature range (usually between 120 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit). The stones are then placed on specific places on the body, depending on the points of muscle tension and client’s health history. Typically, they will be placed along the sides of the spine, palms of the hands and down the legs.

Some therapists use anatomy to guide the situation of the stones, while others base it on points thought to re balance the body’s energies. The localised heat from the stones will warm and relax the muscles, making them suppler and easier for the therapist to apply deeper pressure when they transition to therapeutic massage.


erotic massage vs hot stone massage which is better?

What are the benefits of hot stone massage?

Hot stones are so warm that many people find them to be very comforting and relaxing. It’s suited for people who constantly feel cold, particularly in their extremities. The strategic placement of warm stones helps to stimulate blood circulation. The warmth also helps to gently ease muscle aches and pains so it’s ideal for people who are suffering from deep strain or a lighter massage. The heat from the stones relaxes the muscles, making it easier for the therapist to manipulate the muscles and use lighter pressure.

Hot stone therapy is often used to cure or relieve the symptoms of:

Back pain

What should I expect?

A hot stone massage will typically begin like a classic massage, using standard techniques and massage oil designed to relax the muscles and prepare them for the massage. Then, the therapist will place two rows of warm stones down the back of your body and they would be aligned with your spinal muscles. When you turn over, the stones may be placed on your abdomen, the front of your thighs, in the palms of your hands and on your forehead.

The therapist may then hold the stones and glide them along your muscles, using a variety of pressures and heat. A typical hot stone massage may last between 60 to 90 minutes.

Does a hot stone massage hurt?

The stones are never rough. Only smooth stones that are several inches in length, typically ones from the river, will be used. The stones are warmed in an electric heater so the temperature is controlled. If they feel too hot on your skin, let the therapist know immediately so she can adjust it.

Erotic massage vs hot stone massage: final thoughts

Both types of massage are unique, so are ideal if you’re looking to try something new and feel new sensations. Ultimately, it all depends on what you want. Both offer a unique experience, but erotic massage focuses on sexual satisfaction while a hot stone massage is more general physical satisfaction.

Where Can I get one of these massage?

Well luckily for you our outcall massage services are tailored to bring these types of experience directly to you anywhere you are. To try one of these yourself then all you need to do is select your chosen masseuse and form of erotic massage in Mayfair or where ever else you are located and prepare for one heck of a time.

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How erotic massage can help with sports injuries

The Best Types of Erotic Massages for Sports Injuries

Playing sports and doing exercise is good for your health, but it can result in injuries. From the minor injuries like twisted ankles and strained muscles to the more serious ones like torn ligaments and fractures, sports injuries can be pretty nasty and very painful. The doctors will prescribe medications, painkillers and plenty of advice to “stay well rested”. But what do you do when these don’t work?

Massages can ease the pain of sports injuries and help facilitate the healing process. Sports massages are probably the first type you think of, but if you want to try something that’s just as healing but feels even better, you should think about an erotic massage.

What is an erotic massage?

An erotic massage is a massage that is designed to stimulate the body and cause arousal. Techniques are used that are meant to feel pleasurable and therapists often bring the client to orgasm. Erotic massage is a whole body massage, but is generally focused on the genital areas. Although orgasm plays a role, it is not the goal of an erotic massage. An erotic massage aims to help the client let go of their pent-up tensions and anxieties, and uses pleasure to do that.

An erotic massage feels so good because of the techniques used. An erotic masseuse will typically practise ‘edging’ with you, which is where she will repeatedly pleasure you to the edge of orgasm and back down. This results in a prolonged state of pleasure and when you do finally orgasm, it’ll be a deeply intense and sensational release of physical and mental tensions.

How can an erotic massage help my sports injury?

As well as feeling good, erotic massages offer a wealth of benefits for sports injuries. The massage techniques will stimulate blood flow and improve overall blood circulation. Blood will flow more freely, and nutrient and waste exchange will become more efficient. This will help with the healing of the damaged muscles and tissues.

The varied pressures and range of motions will help soothe aching muscles as well and smooth out any knots. The erotic nature of the massage will arouse the client and also help to take their mind away from the pain of the injury.

How erotic massage can help with sports injuries

What types of erotic massage are there?

There are a variety of different erotic massages you can choose from. The most common ones are as follows:

Sensual massage
Erotic massage
Lingam massage
Happy ending massage
Body to body massage
Nuru massage
Tantric massage
4 Hands massage

Sensual and erotic massage

Erotic massage is a specific type of massage as well as the umbrella term for these kinds of arousal-focused therapies. Sensual and erotic massages are very similar in nature. They both focus on arousing the body, but sensual works towards exciting the senses by perhaps engaging in sensual deprivation (e.g. using a blindfold) and building anticipation, while erotic directly stimulates the sexual areas and works to prolong arousal.

Areas like the buttocks and thighs, particularly the inner section, are often under the most strain after exercise and sports activities. However, standard massage therapists are often cautious in approaching these areas because they are seen as ‘indirectly sexual’ due to their close proximity to the genital area. But unlike standard massages, sensual and erotic massages focus on the sexual areas so the therapists can directly target areas like the buttocks and inner thighs. They can work on these areas without being cautious in order to avoid arousal because unlike standard massages, erotic massage styles are meant to arouse. So you don’t need to feel ashamed or embarrassed if you do become aroused while the masseuse is working on your inner thighs!

offering the best sensual erotic massage in knightsbridge

Body to body and nuru massage

Body 2 Body  massage and nuru massage, sometimes also known as a soapy massage, are two of the most daring of erotic massages. They are highly sexual in nature, due to their unique style of the masseuse using her naked body as the massaging instrument (as well as her hands). The difference between the two is that a nuru massage uses a special kind of gel made from seaweed, while a body to body massage uses massage oils.

Because the therapist will use her body and press her weight down onto your body, a variety of deep pressures can be used. The pressures provided by body weight can be deeper and more intense than what the hands can provide on their own. This can be very soothing and pleasurable for aching muscles, and help to iron out the knots caused by intense sports activity.

Getting an erotic body to body massage in knightsbridge

Tantric massage

Tantric massage is a type of ritualistic erotic massage that focuses on prolonging arousal and delaying orgasm in order to provide an intensely pleasurable experience. It uses a variety of speeds and pressures, fast and deep to bring the client to the edge of orgasm and then switching to slow, light strokes to bring them from the edge, which will intentionally frustrate and pleasure the massage receiver.

Because tantric massage is so slow and intense, it can feel extremely soothing on sports injured muscles. Initially, manipulating the sore areas may hurt and feel sensitive, but the therapist can slowly ease the client into the massage strokes. Nothing is rushed during a tantric session and there is also an emphasis on breathing techniques, so you can focus on that to ease the pain of the sports-strained muscles.

The best erotic tantric massage in Mayfair

Lingam and happy ending massage

These two styles of erotic massage are arguably the most focused on orgasms than the other styles. A lingam massage is a massage that is meant to stimulate the male genital area, particularly the penis and a happy ending massage is one that ends in ejaculation/orgasm. The difference between the two is that a lingam massage is a massage meant for males while a happy ending massage is unisex. A lingam massage also focuses on stimulating the penis while a happy ending massage might cause orgasm by stimulating other parts of the body.

Although a lingam and a happy ending massage are not as directly linked to providing care for sports injuries in the same way that the other types of erotic massage are, the full body massage techniques used still soothe the aches and iron out the knots. However, these two massage styles are perfect if you want precise pleasure and intense orgasms to help take your mind off the body aches.

Getting an erotic lingam or happy ending massage in knightsbridge

Four hands massage

A 4 Hands massage is a massage where two masseuses manipulate your body, hence the ‘four hands’. The masseuses will work in a synchronised motion, with one leading and the other following. The choreographed synchrony will feel mesmerisingly relaxing. Plus, two pairs of hands and two masseuses can reach a further distance and cover more surface area than one masseuse with one pair of hands ever can. A 4 Hands massage is the only time you can feel the knots in your thighs be straightened out at the same time as the knots in your shoulders. This makes a 4 Hands massage fantastic for sports injuries.

An erotic 4 Hands massage (you can have a 4 Hands session with any of the afore-listed styles) will be even more mesmerising due to the arousing aspect. After all, four hands can stimulate more body parts or create deeper friction than two hands can.

Where can I get an erotic massage for sports injuries?

If you’re interested in getting an erotic massage to treat your sports injury, then take a look at the outcall erotic massages we offer here at Erotic Massage UK. Our finely hand picked range of sexy Asian masseuses are a perfect choice to help begin to heal that injury. We provide a wide variety of popular outcall erotic massages to suit most peoples needs. We also offer these fantastic outcall  massage services all across Central London so where ever you are located isn’t an issue. In Fact the only problem your going to have is which masseuse to book for your sensational outcall erotic massage in Knightsbridge.

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tantric massage frequently asked questions

Tantric Massage London: FAQ

If you’re reading this article, then the chances are you’re curious about Tantric massages. If you’ve never experienced one before, you’ve probably got a lot of questions that you need clearing up before you fork out the cash. So, rather than spending the next couple of hours reading post after post and still being confused, we have done the hard work for you and answered the questions you need answers for. So here are the most frequently asked questions surrounding Tantric Massages:


offering the best tantric massage in London sessions


What is Tantra?

Although most people have come across the word Tantra, very few are actually aware of its meaning. Tantra literally translates, ‘to weave and to liberate’, because it is known to heal and purify its practitioners. Tantra began when warriors would visit priestesses after battle to be cleansed and nurtured. The touch of the goddesses would heal the warriors and would leave them pure once again. Although Tantra is not a religion, it is a way of life for many, even to this day. Originating in India, and ancient China, Tantra practice is sacred, and if practised correctly, can be enlightening, spiritual and healing.

What is a Tantric massage?

A Tantric massage combines spiritual teaching with special massage techniques. The aim of a Tantric massage is to induce participants into pure, undisturbed relaxation in order to harness the body’s energies. Your entire body will be gently massaged and pleasured over the course of the session, enabling your body’s senses to become heightened.

A Tantric massage incorporates a full body massage with sexual pleasure. Unlike traditional massage styles, you will be coached to breathe properly in order to sink into a deeper state of relaxation. This is a very loving and romantic ceremony where you will feel pampered and nurtured and will leave feeling absolutely content.

How do you prepare for a Tantric Massage?

Preparing for a Tantric massage is incredibly important because it can add to your overall experience. Showering before an erotic massage is a necessity because a Tantric session involves a great deal of body to body contact, therefore hygiene is important. Moreover, oil is much easier to apply and spread on clean skin.

Am I naked?

This all comes down to you ultimately, but your masseuse would always encourage you to be naked. Like with any erotic massage, clothing restricts access to your intimate area’s which hinders the overall Tantric practice.

What parts of my body will be massaged?

Scheduling in for a full body massage is basically what it says on the tin- everything will be touched. This includes your feet, legs, torso, arms, head, shoulders, chest/breasts, buttocks, back and most intimate areas.

The masseuse will usually begin with a Swedish full body massage to relax you, and will then proceed to locate your erogenous areas and stimulate them. This includes locations such as the inner thighs, the perineum and the neck. However, if you feel uncomfortable being touched in a certain area or areas, your masseuse will stop immediately.

Do I have to do anything during the session?

All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Try to focus on your breathing and make a conscious effort to open up your mind and let go. The rest is up to your masseuse.

Where will my session take place?

Nowadays, most London based erotic massage salons offer an outcall service because it’s more flexible for clients. You can choose where your session takes place, whether it’s in your home, a hotel or the office, but there must be plenty of room available. Most people opt for the bed, but please be aware that this can be uncomfortable for people with back problems. If you choose to lie on the floor, just be sure to select a room that is spacious.


tantric massage frequently asked questions


How is Tantric pleasure different to normal pleasure?

Unlike everyday pleasure, Tantra focuses on accessing pleasure across the body, not just in the erogenous areas. The key to experiencing Tantric massage pleasure is by slowly building arousal levels gradually over the course of an hour, by gently touching and stroking the whole body, not just selected areas. The aim of a Tantric massage is not to orgasm, although this is the general outcome for most; it is the journey to that point that counts. Pleasure is more refined, touch is more sensitive and orgasms are more intense. When practised correctly, Tantric pleasure is like nothing you have ever experienced before. It is beyond words.

What happens if I ejaculate?

Ejaculation is encouraged by masseuses as it is the ultimate release. Masseuses are more than familiar with clients reaching climax, so you will not be made to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed in any way.
How long does it last?

That is really up to you- but most masseuse offer 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hour slots. It all depends on how much money you are willing to spend or how much time you have.

Are Tantric massages legal?

Yes, paying for an erotic massage is perfectly legal. Paying for a massage or for sex is suitable in the eyes of the law; running a brothel is not.

How much are Tantric massages?

Prices often vary depending on the masseuse, their experience and their client base. However, you generally get what you pay for, so the more you pay, the better it will be and vice versa. On average, a legitimate Tantric massage costs around £120- £200 per hour, but always read reviews before you book in for a session.

Is booking a Tantric massage discrete?

Pretty much all London based erotic massage services are 100% private and discreet and protect client confidentiality. Many businesses refuse to keep any client details on file, and destroy all information relating to their booking after the session has completed. As well as this, most businesses only accept cash in hand (it is also a preferred method of payment by most customers).

Hopefully that’s cleared up a few grey areas for you, but if you have any more questions, be sure to ask when contacting your chosen masseuse. She will be able to explain everything to you and clear any doubts you may have. Here at Erotic Massage we offer a full outcall massage service. So, if you’re looking to experience a tantric massage in kings cross or anywhere in London for that matter, be sure check out our gorgeous choice of Asian masseuses. But for now, enjoy your Tantric experience guys!

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which hotel is best for an erotic massage at heathrow airport?

The 3 Best Hotels to Get an Erotic Massage Near Heathrow Airport

Whether you’re travelling to London on business or you’re a local looking to be discrete; getting an erotic massage at a Heathrow airport hotel has never been easier. With dozens of options but a stone throw away from the runway, it’s hard to decide where you’ll really get your money’s worth. From price, to location, to service, it’s important to select a hotel that’s best for you: after all, if you’re paying for a luxurious massage, it’s only right to stay in luxury too. So, we thought we’d make the decision a little easier for you and did some investigating ourselves. Here are our top 3 Heathrow airport hotels and why you should stay in them:


which hotel offers the best prices for a erotic massage

1. The Renaissance

Distance from Airport: 0.4 Miles
Average Price Range: £75- £250
Star Rating: 4 Stars
Overall rating (based on customer reviews): 4.1/ 5 stars
Cleanliness: 4.5 / 5 stars
Service: 3/5 stars

Hotel summary
For a front row view of Heathrow’s impressive runways, the Renaissance is one of the few hotels in the area situated this closely to the airport. This newly remodelled facility is modern in its appearance, and comes equipped with various facilities such as a full fitness centre, a sauna and a portfolio of restaurants. Various types of rooms are available, depending on your size preference and preferred window view- prices vary as a result. If you want to smell the tyres speeding down the tarmac, the Runway View Guest Room offers a truly spectacular view. Alternatively, if you’re feeling particularly naughty and want to opt for the 4 Hands style massage, the King Guest Room is the perfect size, meaning there’s plenty of room for all three of you to roll around. The Renaissance is located right by various public transport services making travelling through London effortless. If you want to go sightseeing, this hotel is an arm throw away from many of London’s famous attractions, including Windsor Castle and the London eye.

Negative reviews

According to some customers, checking in at the Renaissance is far from smooth sailing. Many visitors have written of the hotels poor organisation when it comes to room distribution and front-desk service.

Our opinion
Upon review, the Renaissance seems like a great location to get an erotic massage. Its overriding feature is its location, and is undeniably perfect for people who want to be as close to the airport as possible. Similarly, if you’re hanging around for a couple of days, the various transport links surrounding the hotel make exploring easy. According to reviews, the hygiene levels are exemplary, the staff are helpful and the dining experience is impressive. However, customers seem to believe that the hotel is quite basic and doesn’t offer enough facilities to entertain on sight. This hotel is perfect if you’re looking for something cheap and easy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Best Part about this hotel
Value for money

Worst Part about this hotel
Part of the decor is seriously out-dated

The renaissance hotel room and lounge at heathrow airport

2. The Sofitel

Distance from Airport: 0 Miles
Average Price Range: £150- £450
Star Rating: 5 Stars
Overall rating (based on customer reviews): 4.5/ 5 stars
Cleanliness: 4.7 / 5 stars
Service: 4.2/5 stars

Hotel summary
If you want to indulge in round-the-world cuisine and become immersed in spectacular art and interior design, no other hotel comes close to the Sofitel. This lavish and grand hotel is dripping with luxury, from its jaw-dropping lobby right through to its modern and stylish bedrooms and suites. Connected directly to terminal 5, this is the most convenient option for anyone travelling in and out of Heathrow’s newest terminal. This extravagant establishment is of the highest possible standard, and is home to a range of indulgent facilities, including a Hair salon, Spa, Sauna, Jacuzzi and a fitness centre. Again, the rooms and suites vary in size, but all of which are beautifully decorated and spacious. All rooms come fitted with a safe deposit box, minibar, coffee making facilities, WIFI, iron and grooming facilities: perfect if you’re looking to lock yourself away with a gorgeous masseuse for a couple of hours. Want to extend your stay? The Sofitel is located right next to various forms of transport and is but 21 minutes from London’s booming city centre city centre.

Negatives according to customers
Some customers have complained about the high-price tag attached to this hotel. For some, it’s overly priced.

Our opinion
I’ve read through many reviews for this hotel and the general census is that it’s pretty incredible. It doesn’t come cheap, but it’s not your usual hotel by any means- it is truly luxurious, and that’s hard to come by. If you’re a businessman, this hotel is unprecedented when it comes to business meeting facilities. It is designed to cater for all types of people, including families and disabled people. By the looks of things, this hotel has so much on offer, you wouldn’t even need to leave to make the most of your time in London. Then again, if you’re on a budget and you’re looking for something cheap and easy, we would look elsewhere. You get what you pay for, and this hotel is nothing but deluxe.

Best part about this hotel
Its range of facilities and restaurants

Worst part about this hotel
The price tag

the sofitel hotel heathrow rooms lounge and spa

3. Hilton

Distance from Airport: 0 Miles
Average Price Range: £130- £380
Star Rating: 4 Stars
Overall rating (based on customer reviews): 4.4/ 5 stars
Cleanliness: 4.6 / 5 stars
Service: 4/5 stars

Hotel Summary
Like its sister hotels located across the world, the Hilton is one of the world most famous hotel chains because of its luxurious reputation- its Heathrow based hotel is no different. Like Sofitel, the Hilton is connected directly to terminal 4 and is easily accessible to and from other terminals too. Unlike many of the surrounding hotels, the Hilton is one of the few locations surrounding Heathrow airport that has a swimming pool on sight- a truly outstanding feature. The hotel is home to three restaurants and also has an impressive onsite gym for anyone who needs to let off a bit of steam. The grand interior and exterior is nothing short of amazing, also making its way into the bedrooms and suites which are all styled to perfection. Want to get up close and personal with your masseuse? Well, some of the Hilton’s deluxe suits come equipped with spacious walk in showers. Certainly enough room for two… Also situated right next to public transport, this hotel is situated in the perfect location if you want to go on a little adventure across London.

Negative Reviews
For a lot of people, the food isn’t up to scratch

Best part about this hotel
Executive Lounge, open at no charge to Gold and Diamond Hilton Honors members.

Worst part about this hotel
Can be a bit hectic to get a room due to it’s busy location


The hilton hotel heathrow airprort lounge rooms spa and services

Our Opinion

If you’re looking for a comfortable stay with a sprinkle of glamour, the Hilton is just what you need. It’s an elegant setting that promises to be clean and comfortable for every visitor, and can be very reasonably priced if you book at the right time. The hotel staff are friendly, and there’s plenty of facilities onsite to keep you entertained. However, judging by customer reviews and photographs, a lot of the rooms lack much floor space. If you’re looking to book in a massage and would be more inclined to use the floor, you’re going to feel cramped. However, if you’re willing to dip into your piggy bank slightly more, the suites are to-die-for, and are the perfect setting for a luxurious, up-market massage.


Of all the hotels surrounding Heathrow Airport, we have voted these three our favourites. For a bargain budget hotel, the Renaissance is ideal for a one-night stay over. If you want to experience the best of the best, the Sofitel is pure luxury from the second you step through the door. For pure elegance at a reasonable price, the Hilton is a classic choice that never disappoints. We’ve done the hard work for you, so what are you waiting for? Book your dreamy erotic massage at Heathrow airport now!

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happy ending massage frequently asked questions

Happy Ending Massage: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve managed to end up here, you’re probably curious about happy ending massages. Whether you’re well-acquainted with Asian massage therapy or you’re totally new and have never experienced one before, you’ve probably got a few queries that need clearing up. We’ve put together a guide on happy ending massages so you don’t have to trudge from post to post, searching high and low on search engines, looking for your answer. We’ve covered everything from what a happy ending massage is and what to expect to the typical costs and the proper etiquette when it comes to this sort of thing (yes, there is an appropriate way to act!).

So here are the most frequently asked questions about happy ending massage!

What is a happy ending massage?

In the simplest terms, a ‘happy ending’ refers to an orgasm, so a happy ending massage is a massage that ends in one. Happy ending massage is a style of massage therapy that uses a series of erotic movements designed to arouse the body. These movements are similar to the ones used to standard massage therapy, but attention is paid to the sexual areas as well as the normal parts of the body. This excites all of the senses and heightens arousal. The sexual areas are usually the parts of the body that hold a lot of tension and because these areas are seldom stimulated on a regular basis, this tension builds up. Happy ending massages are designed to help people release these tensions and allow them to live their daily life without stress and mental baggage weighing them down.

happy ending massage frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of a happy ending massage?

Orgasms (happy endings) result in feelings of elation, relaxation, stress relief, mental tranquillity and contentment. This is due to the feel-good endorphins and hormones released into the bloodstream when the body is aroused and/or experiencing an orgasm. These include oxytocin, dopamine, prolactin and serotonin – all of which are calming, motivating, anxiety reducing, create pleasure and encourage the formation of relationship bonds. Some of the other major benefits of an erotic massage in general include:

Improves sex drive and sexual impotence/erectile dysfunction

  • Relief from urinary and prostate-related infections
  • Muscle ache relief
  • Improved blood circulation and skin condition
  • More efficient digestive and immune system

How can I prepare for my happy ending massage?

Because a happy ending involves touching of the intimate areas, it’s advised that clients wash themselves thoroughly before the sessions. Shaving is also recommended in order to maintain a certain level of cleanliness. It’s not compulsory, but it’s etiquette and shows some consideration towards the masseuse. Clean skin also means that the massage oil is applied more easily and feels more pleasant to the client.

What parts of my body will be massaged?

Your entire body! A happy ending massage is an erotic massage so includes some massaging of the sexual areas like the buttocks, the penis/vaginal area and the breasts. But it’s still massage therapy, so the masseuses will also massage the normal parts of the body, like the back, shoulders and legs. A happy ending massage isn’t an excuse for a massage therapist to masturbate you – it might involve touching of those areas, but it’s still massage therapy at the end of the day.

Will I be naked?

Being naked isn’t compulsory, but it is recommended, because clothing restricts proper stimulation of the body. Clients are often given a towel to drape around their midriff for some initial modesty. But whether or not you’re naked is up to you – you can wear as little or as much clothing as you want.

What do I do during the massage?

You only really need to lie there, close your eyes and relax! Focusing on your breathing, perhaps concentrate on syncing it with the masseuse’s. This will encourage the formation of bonds between you and the masseuse, which will help enhance the experience. You can also politely ask the masseuse to focus on a particular area, or switch to a certain massage technique if you preferred it. You don’t have to lie there in total silence – you’re paying for the overall experience so you might as well customise it to your specific needs to enhance your happy ending massage experience! But always be polite and respect the masseuse.


We love happy ending massage

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Want To Get Lucky This St. Patricks Day? Give Her A Sensual Massage

Want To Get Lucky This St. Patricks Day? Give Her A Sensual Massage

St.Patrick’s day is looming, so it’s time to decide whether you’re going to wait around and see if you get lucky this year, or if you’re going to make it happen yourself. Truth is, you don’t need the luck of the Irish to get what you want this year; all you need is a little background knowledge and some massage oil… It’s as simple as that. Giving your girlfriend or wife a sensual massage will not only score you some serious brownie points, but it’ll also be a great experience for you too. So with a little bit of help from us, here’s how you can make your own luck this year:

Want To Get Lucky This St. Patricks Day? Give Her A Sensual MassageSet the mood

First things first, you need to warm up the engine before you take it for a drive. Setting the mood is very important, and it will pave the way for your night of sensuality and passion. The best way to do this is by dimming the lights as much as you can. If you don’t have a dimmer switch, turn them off completely and use scattered candles to warm the lighting. Secondly, grab a couple of towels and lay them on your chosen massage spot- the bed or some generous floor space is your best bet. Position the towels appropriately to avoid getting oil everywhere; you can’t put a carpet in a washing machine after all. Once you’re happy with the setting, play some relaxing music to finish it off, but stay clear of animal sounds, it’s just cheesy!

setting the mood for a sensual massage

Prepare the massage oil

One of a sensual massage’s defining features is its use of special massage oils. Although there’s plenty of brands on the market, do some research beforehand and find out what’s best for you and your partner. Think about it, buying an almond based oil for your girlfriend who is allergic to nuts will really kill the mood when she’s swelled to the size of a balloon, so don’t just settle for the first one you find. Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started:

Sandalwood oil– Aside from being great for the skin, the ingredients in Sandalwood oil are known for increasing libido. It’s basically Viagra for your sex drive!

Grapeseed oil– Let’s be honest, spooning leads to forking, and massaging leads fucking, which is why this oil is designed to be kind to your partners lady parts. It’s non-irritant oil, so there’s no risk of discomfort down below!

Rose Oil– Kind to the skin and kind to the nostrils; Rose oil is traditionally used for romance because it smells so great. Sensual massages are meant to be romantic, so this is the best oil to use to capture the mood.

No matter what oil you opt for, be sure to read the instructions and warm it up correctly. There is nothing romantic about applying freezing cold oil to the skin, trust me.

Massage techniques

There’s no point going to all of this trouble if you stumble at the first hurdle, so it’s important to get some massage techniques down before you get hands-on with your partner. Sensual massages should not be vigorous, they should be romantic, passionate and of course, sensual. Using soft and gentle touch, the body should be caressed and loved, not beaten. So, here are a couple of techniques you could use to get the hang of things:

Shiatsu– This is one of the most commonly used massage techniques and is easy to perform even if you’re not an expert. All you need to do it lay your hands on a certain part of your girlfriend’s body and applying slight pressure whilst executing a circling movement with the thumbs. It’s a great way to knead out any knots or areas of tension across the body, and feels damn good as well. This technique works best on the upper back (the area with the most tension), but feel free to experiment on other parts too, but always remember to moderate pressure dependant on how sensitive the area is.

Stroking– This is a very simple yet effective technique that is designed to relax the client. If you want to give it a whirl, all you need to do it position your hands like paddles (keep the fingers together) and move your hands up and down the length of the body. The movement should be fluid, so be sure to apply plenty of oil for this technique to avoid any friction between your hands and the skin.

Kneading– If you’ve ever made bread before, you’ll be familiar with the kneading technique, only this time, your partner is the dough. Start at the shoulders and gently pinch the skin whilst applying pressure and circling your thumbs. Use the palms of your hands to apply pressure to the muscles and proceed to lift the skin ever so slightly away from the body. Remember, this massage is about you as well, so try using this technique on your partner’s breasts and buttocks. It’ll put a smile on both of your faces.

Other tips

You now have enough information to get going, but here are a few more last minute tips to make your massage extra special:
Shower together beforehand- Whether you choose to do it together or not, showering is an absolute must before an erotic massage. But if you want to warm up your arousal levels before you get down to it, try showering at the same time. The body to body contact will get you both hot and steamy, not just the bathroom!

Be vocal– Don’t be a mute whilst performing your massage, talk and communicate with your partner. At the end of the day, its trial and error in the start, so it’s important that you both work together and establish what you like and dislike. Sensual doesn’t mean silent!


May the luck of the Irish be with you!

There you have it: all of the ingredients you need to give your partner a great sensual massage this St. Patricks Day. Although, you don’t need to find a four leaf clover to get lucky, all you need is a manual and a set of hands. Good luck!


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erotic prostate massage in London

Why Do Men Need To Try Prostate Massage Therapy?

Prostate problems can affect men of any age living in any environment. Lifestyle and living conditions don’t play a role. Prostate issues, such as inflammation and prostatitis, can be caused by bacteria as often as non-bacterial microorganisms. It can also be due to nerve damage or a faulty immune system response.

These days, an increasing number of men are suffering from prostate problems, and this can have a massive impact on their sex lives, affect their confidence and even develop into serious conditions. As a result, it’s essential to treat and prevent such problems and their painful symptoms as soon as possible. Prostate massage is an alternative form of therapy that’s hailed for its effectiveness. Medicines do ease the symptoms but aren’t always long-term. For some people, they don’t work at all. Prostate massage therapy is a more active method that directly targets the source of the problem – the prostate itself.

Why Do Men Need To Try Prostate Massage Therapy?What is prostate massage therapy?

Prostate massage therapy is a unique form of alternative treatment. It involves gentle stimulation of the prostate – the therapist will insert a lubricated, gloved finger into the rectum and softly press the prostate. They will use a mixture of light strokes and rubs, which will feel uncomfortable at first. The client will feel a build-up of deep pressure and fluid inside. Deep breaths are important to stay relaxed, as it was encourage the client to stop fighting and let go of these fluids.

Eventually, the massage will result in a release of these fluids that have been blocking the prostate ducts for so long. The blockage is often what is causing the pain and general discomfort. Regular prostate massage will help to keep the prostate healthy, working as efficiently as possible and reduce the risk of fluid build-up and thus prostate conditions.


erotic prostate massage in London

Prostate therapy as an erotic massage

Prostate massage is a popular form of erotic massage as well as therapy, because it provides a combination of pain relief and sexual pleasure. It can be an external or internal massage.

External prostate massage:

When you’re trying an external prostate massage, it’s important to have short, trimmed and clean nails. It would also be useful to have removed pubic hair for easier access. You can locate the prostate with the help of the perineum – the area between the scrotum and the anus.

Once you’ve found this area, use the pads of your fingertips and gently stroke. Slowly build up pressure, but stay gentle. Run your fingers back and forth this area. Locate a small depression in the perineum and gently press it as you rub your fingers across it. When done properly, it can result in an immediate erection shortly followed by an ejaculation. There’s often initial discomfort but this should go away once the receiver relaxes. If the massage receiver feels too much discomfort or pain, you are exerting too much pressure or stimulating the wrong area. If that’s the case, try again from the top.

Internal prostate massage:

Just like an external massage, you should have short, trimmed and extremely clean nails. It’s advisable to remove pubic hair for easier access and for the massage receiver to have a bowel movement before the session (to prevent any accidents considering this massage involves an ‘exploration’ of the rectum).

For cleanliness, it’s advisable to wear rubber gloves and have a water-based lubricant. Start by lubricating the anus by gently stroking in circles. The slower and more lubricant you use, the better it will be. Stroking should always be firm but gentle and never rushed. This will help the receiver relax, because clenching will cause discomfort. Once the area is well lubricated and the anal muscles are relaxed, slowly and gently insert a lubricated gloved finger into the rectum.

internal prostate massage for men

Gently crook the finger upwards so it strokes the wall of the abdomen. Lightly and slowly stroke around until you’ve found the prostate gland, which should be about the size of a walnut. Once you’ve found it, lightly stroke and rub it. Always use the soft pads of your fingers and not the nails. Simultaneously, reach between his legs and stimulate his testicles and penis. This will help invoke relaxation and pleasure, because initially, it will feel uncomfortable.

He will feel a build-up of pressure and liquid deep inside. This is normal. He should focus on his breathing to stay relaxed. The majority of receivers will experience an erection and continuing to rub the gland will result in an ejaculation. The orgasm will be extremely pleasurable due to the dual stimulation (of the gland and penis area).

The importance of regular ejaculation

Massaging the prostate helps relaxation and with arousal, which will lead to ejaculation. Prostate massage therapy is a new way to experience sexual pleasure and gratification. If foreplay and intercourse are getting old and boring, a prostate massage can help to introduce new levels of arousal. It may even show you areas of the body that you didn’t think would turn you on but do.

Regular prostate massage and ejaculation is important for men. Ejaculation helps to clear out the ducts and keep sex drive intact. But it’s not just for sexual reasons. Stimulating the prostate gland helps to release any trapped fluids and toxins, which may be causing prostate pain. It also encourages the production of prostate fluid, which is an important component in semen. Lack of or corrupted fluid can affect fertility. Ejaculation also brings fresh blood flow to the pelvic area – blood that carries oxygen and nutrients, which helps with cell growth and function in the prostate and surrounding area.

So why is prostate massage so good for men?

Many men who suffer from sexual impotence, painful ejaculation and thus a reduced sex drive find that prostate massage helps to relieve them of these problems and return them to normal. Sexual impotence is usually caused by muscle constriction due to blocked fluids which causes painful urination and ejaculation. This causes men to wince and clench, causing muscle constriction as a reflex. Prostate massage helps to relax them and release the fluids. Over time, regular sessions can help a man overcome his impotence and regain his sexual confidence.

prostate massage can help[ with premature ejaculation

Prostate massage in London

We offer the best prostate massage in London  and also the surrounding Greater London area. Our masseuses are fully flexible and mobile – they will travel to you at any time of the day (or night). From £130 an hour for a standard massage, we offer high class pleasure and pain relief.

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tantric massage is good for your health

Are You Feeling Stressed? Get a Tantric Massage

If you’re reading this and you suffer from depression, you’ll know that it infects you like a deadly parasite. Despite being widely recognised and documented, doctors fail to treat depression effectively, and usually offer quick-fixes rather than long-term solutions. Depression needs to be tackled at the root, so here’s our suggestion. Tantric Massages are holistically healing, and are great for letting off some steam. Unlike traditional styles, Tantric Massages introduce sexual stimulation to increase pleasure and sensation. Experiencing pleasure is healthy for the body and mind, and is actually known to improve various bodily functions. Tantric Massages are modern day medicines, here’s why:

They relieve stress

These days, life for most of us is incredibly hectic and busy, and drowning in stress is a natural side effect. Although small amounts of stress are relatively normal, chronic levels can lead to serious physical and mental health problems. However, this is where Tantric Massages come into the picture. Of all the erotic massages available, Tantric Massages are undoubtedly the most relaxing of them all.

Derived from the ancient art of Tantra, this style of massage is extremely spiritual and focuses on reconnecting the mind, body and soul. Relaxation is the beating heart of Tantra, and in order to reach the maximum pleasure, it must be achieved. Tantric masseuse use gentle, soothing touches to slowly submerge clients into pure relaxation, and by doing so, the mind will clear and empty of negative energies. Reaching this almost euphoric state is, without a doubt, an unprecedented stress release, and is designed to tackle it right at the core.

Many people who have experienced Tantric Massages have reported feeling incredibly emotional for hours or sometimes days afterwards, but for reasons that will surprise you. Stress is often a side-effect of deeper, underlying issues, which is why Tantric massages are designed to unearth the underlying causes. Tantric practice looks to banish negative chakras (energies) in the body and mind by encouraging its participants to release- and we don’t just mean physically.

tantric massages fight stressThey are good for your health

If you haven’t already guessed, Tantric massages are great for your anatomy. A normal session will encourage the production of Oxytocin, a chemical linked directly with happiness and the reduction of stress and anxiety. The positive effects of this are that your breathing will become controlled and blood circulation will improve. This is great for the heart and of course your organs because it will help to lower the levels of cortisol and adrenaline in your system. It’s basically a facial for your insides!

For all of the gentlemen reading, there’s another benefit of Tantric Massages which might spark your interests… One of the main causes on premature ejaculation is actually stress, and often has very little to do with the function of the penis. Tantric massages are practised slowly, meaning arousal levels are increased gradually, and you are taught how to prolong pleasure, rather than rush it. A trained masseuse will use this technique to control your release, encouraging you to actually savour the pleasure, rather than feel pressured to reach an orgasm. If this wasn’t already great enough, this technique can also be practised at home, so say goodbye to erectile dysfunction!

tantric massage is good for your health

They are the solution for you

Exploring my widely known methods of stress release can be beneficial, but for most people, it’s short-lived. Tantric massages are a long-term investment, and will drastically improve your life if practised correctly. Whether you’ve had a stressful few days or can’t remember life without it, a Tantric massage is just what you need. there are many places that now offer tantric massage services all over London. If you’re looking for an affordable tantric massage in Kensington then be sure to check our kensington tantric masseuses who are sure to be able to help you de stress in the best way possible.

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