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tantric massage healing mandalas

Tantric Massages: The Healing Powers

Although Tantric Massages are known to be a erotic, sexual experiences, they are also renowned for their vast portfolio of healing benefits. The philosophy of Tantra aims to re-acquaint people with their bodies, teach them how to receive pleasure and most importantly, relax both physically and mentally. Unlike traditional massages, the Tantric does involve massages in intimate areas; however, they are also far more sensual and spiritual. Despite its sexual nature, the aim of a Tantric Massage is not to bring sexual gratification; it is the journey to that point which is important.

Although reaching orgasm is both accepted and welcomed, the aim of this massage is to eliminate any personal insecurities surrounding intimate pleasure. Apart from immediate benefits such as improved circulation and stress reduction, a traditional massage does not typically achieve anything beyond physical relaxation, meaning long lasting benefits are unlikely. The Tantric Massage is founded on a spiritual foundation; its sessions including body worship, Tantric rituals, breathing exercises and bathing.


tantric healing powers of mandala


As well as its individual healing powers, the Tantric Massage can also be experienced by couples who are searching for a more intimate and sensual sex life. The sessions teach couples how to perform messages on one another whilst learning how to integrate it in foreplay and sex. This massage enables couples to relax together and share in sensuality, but more importantly, it encourages emotional connection. Alternatively, these sessions are known to be extremely healing for men and women who suffer from mental, sexual disorders, because they encourage self-worth. The cathartic nature of a Tantric Massage allows people to open up about feelings, release negative energies and eventually heal. Although men are traditionally more reserved and reluctant to participate in something so intimate with a stranger, learning to relax and receive pleasure can have life changing benefits.


tantric massage healing


The many forms of Tantric Massage can centre on female and male, female on female and of course couples of any inclination. The physical dynamics of the massage differ from Western (Swedish) styles, which tend to be more intense and focus entirely on working the muscles. On the contrary, a Tantric Massage is gentle, tender and soothing, and looks to open up the mind and soul of the receiver rather than just relieve physical discomfort. One of the central principles of a Tantric Massage is the healing power of the Chakras. These concepts, which are said to be the seven centres of life, promote an enhanced state of awareness, wholeness and wellbeing.



According to most authors, Tantrism has been practiced for more than 5000 years because of its links to religion and spirituality. Tantric Massages focus on several principles, all of which concentrate on mental cleansing and self- esteem. Whether you believe in these principles or not, the restorative and healing powers of a Tantric Massage are irrefutable. A Tantric Massage can of course improve your sex life, but it’s the long-term, benefits that differentiate it from other styles.

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Why Happy Ending Massages Shouldn’t Be Taboo!

Happy ending massages are unexpected but welcome surprises. Getting one would be like sleeping with your best friend’s sister – it feels bad and yet so good. But are they really so bad? They’re just massages that turn you on, and it’s near-impossible to not get aroused from someone running their oiled hands all over your body. If regular massages aren’t frowned upon, why should erotic?

Ah, but with erotic massages, the masseuse finishes you off with a wondrous orgasm. For the less informed, a happy ending massage is a euphemism for massage with an orgasm. It is a massage typically performed by a girl to a guy. It’s meant to arouse and the girl finishes the guy off with a hand job or more. It’s definitely something to fantasise about and that’s why it’s seen as bad. But we live in the age of casual hook-ups and unlimited Internet pornography, and somehow see them as acceptable. Why should a happy ending massage be any different? They’re also no-strings-attached sexual encounters.

Massages possess a wealth of fantastic benefits. Data compiled by the National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that in 2009, $34 billion was spent annually on alternative medicinal therapies such as massage therapy. Eight years on, the figure is likely to be much higher. This just shows how effective massage therapy, in general, is.


where gives the best happy ending massage


The Benefits of a Happy Ending Massage

The motions and the varying pressures used in a massage have been proven to improve blood circulation and thus, blood pressure. When you’re cold, you tend to rub your hands together to stimulate blood flow, right? Massages work in a similar way. When you’re in pain, you tend to rub that area, so in the same way, the rubbing motions of a massage are also great for muscle ache relief. Just like when someone gives a cuddle and strokes your hair, the sensations of a massage are deeply relaxing.  When you’re relaxed, the digestive system works more efficiently as food and waste products move at an increased rate through the body. Breathing becomes deeper and slower, and respiration becomes more efficient as you’re using more of your lungs’ capacities.

Happy ending massages expand on these benefits. Not only do you leave with a reduced blood pressure and better circulatory, digestive and respiratory system, you’re more than utterly relaxed. Why? Sexual arousal and orgasm cause the body to release a bunch of feel-good endorphins and hormones into the bloodstream. You get some oxytocin (calming and creates bonds between you and your partner), serotonin (major ingredient in anti-depressants because of its mood stabilising ability), dopamine (turns on the brain’s pleasure centre) and prolactin (reduces anxiety and helps you sleep).

Have you ever noticed how after an orgasm, you feel totally calm, chilled and a little bit sleepy? It’s because of those hormones. An erotic massage with a happy ending can give you all this. You can’t experience the full dose of these wonderful endorphin’s from a regular Swedish massage.

It’s not just mood and pain alleviation that a happy ending massage can affect. The eventual orgasm can actually improve focus and enhance brain activity. When you’re aroused, it’s not just the sexual areas that blood goes rushing to. It also flows to the brain, sending nutrients and oxygen with it, meaning that you can get be the most productive you’ve ever been while in this post-orgasmic state.

The massage techniques used in happy ending massages are also fantastic for skin. The swirling and kneading motions stimulate blood flow to the surface of the skin, meaning you’ll leave a massage session with flushed, glowing skin. Orgasms associated with happy ending massages are responsible for this too. In the lead up to orgasm, the body releases DHEA, which is a prime ingredient in steroid supplements, and human growth hormone – both of which help with skin elasticity. This means happy ending massages are sort of like the Fountain of Youth, right?


The best happy ending massage in central London


Breaking the Happy Ending Taboo

It’s crazy that happy ending massages possess all these amazing health benefits and yet society still shuns them into the ‘taboo’ box. Some people will argue here that it’s because you pay for this sexual encounter and so they’re basically prostitution. Prostitution is illegal in many countries and perhaps the shaded nature of massage parlours give off this vibe. In some places, intercourse will likely take place and that is against the law. However, the loophole is that the session will open with a massage and the happy ending is independently offered as an optional extra, so it then becomes consensual sex between two adults. A ‘private agreement’ like this is not against the law.

Taboo and illegal are not the same thing. Taboo is a term that’s been curated by society. We unnecessarily associate terms and images to situations, and once they’re there, it’s stuck. This is the case with happy ending massages. Because of their regular status on Internet porn, people form a negative stigma. Also, sex is a very hush-hush subject itself. But getting an erotic massage and becoming aroused to the point of orgasm shouldn’t be so embarrassing. We’re humans and we’re biologically programmed to enjoy sex.

Whatever your stance may be, it’s safe to say that erotic Asian massages seem salacious, suspicious and somewhat sleazy. This view isn’t helped by the regular spot held by Asian massages on the category list of many pornographic websites.


Happy ending massage in London


But if you ever happen to stumble on the chance to get a happy ending massage, grab it with both hands and get one! Don’t worry about what other people might think. Deep down, they’ll be wishing they were you.

Try our happy ending massage – hailed as the best erotic massage in London! For £130 an hour, it’s well worth your time.


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the best oils to use for body to body massage

The 5 Best Oils to Use For A Body to Body Massage

Whether you’re giving your partner a massage DIY style or you’re using a London outcall service, massage oil is a must for a Body to Body massage. With hundreds of brands and types of oil on the market, it’s important that you find the right oil for you and your skin. Whether you want your skin to appear radiant or just want something that’s going to last you a while, there’s a massage oil for you, but here’s our top 5:

1. Melrose Sweet Almond Oil

Despite a massive range being available to therapists, this is one of the most popular and highly recommended massage oils out there. Extracted from almonds, this sweet oil is both moisturising and delicate. Unlike many other oils, it contains 100% Sweet almond oil and contains no preservatives or added ingredients. With its non-greasy, light weight and high fatty acid content, no other massage oil will leave your skin feeling as smooth of moisturised. Being slightly oily in texture, it is extremely easy to apply, and is perfect for sexy and slippery body to body massage!

Extra uses

As well as being a top-quality massage oil, purchasing a bottle of Sweet Almond Oil will prove more beneficial to you then you realize. As a result of containing various moisturising agents, this product can be used to ease rashes, chapped lips and skin.
If it wasn’t already good enough, Melrose Sweet Almond Oil can actually be used for cooking! It is rich unsaturated mono, oleic and omega-9 fat so is a healthy alternatively to other cooking oils. With its nutty taste, it’s also great to bake cake and cook with if you’re looking for some added flavor.

Things you should know

Although this massage oil is Non-allergenic and doesn’t normally irritate skin, people with nut allergies are advised to try a patch test beforehand.


2. Melrose H2Oil

This massage oil was first developed in Australia but has since become a revolutionary and extremely popular product across the world. Unlike most other oils, it is water dispersible meaning it is incredibly easy to wash off. That might not seem very exciting to many of you, but non- water dispersible oils can wreck towels and can actually encourage them to set on fire in a tumble dryer! If massaging is a regular thing for you, this is most definitely the oil you need- unless of course you want to spend a fortune on towels, in which case, go right ahead.

Extra uses

Aside from being arson-proof, this oil is also amazing for your skin. Containing ingredients such as Sunflower oil and Coconut, this product is non-occlusive to the skin.

Things you should know

It doesn’t contain any trace of nuts, but its shelf life may be a little shorter than other oils.


3. Jojoba Oil

Unbeknown to most, Jojoba is actually a wax removed from the seed of a jojoba plant. Jojoba is easily absorbed by the skin, but not quick enough that it needs to be regularly applied. Like almond oil, this product is easy to spread and apply, but will never feel greasy! Jojoba oil does not contain triglycerides, meaning it has a higher shelf life than most other products and can be stored for longer periods of time. So, if you’re not looking to use a massage oil very often, this will probably be most beneficial for you and your bank balance.

Extra Uses

Do you suffer from back acne? Well believe it or not, this oil contains antibacterial properties and is also non-comedogenic. Since it doesn’t clog the pours, it’s effective for relieving skin conditions such as acne, and is also safe for pretty much all skin types.

Things you should know

Aside from massaging, Jojoba oil has a list of other uses. It is great for hair care, anti-ageing, lip balm, cuticle cream and even makeup remover.


4. Apricot Kernel Oil

Incredibly rich in vitamin E, Apricot Kernel Oil has a much longer shelf life than your average massage oil. Its light texture makes it great for sensitive, dry or mature skin and its nourishing ingredients will leave your skin glowing. This fast acting oil absorbs quicker than Jojoba and argon oils, and will not clog your pours or leave you feeling greasy.

Extra uses

Fancy a pamper? Apricot Kernel Oil works really well in foot and body scrubs. By adding one part oil to 5 parts raw sugar, you’ll create the perfect scrubs which leave your hands and body feeling super smooth.

Things you should know

Although similar in colour and texture to almond oil, it’s a little more costly. You will have to dip into your bank balance more, but if you’re allergic to nuts and almond oil just doesn’t agree with you, this is a great alternative.

apricot massage oil

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great, natural way to moisturise and helps to deeply strengthen skin tissue. Coconut oil contains antioxidants such as Vitamin E which help to protect skin cells from damage and fine lines. Although this type of oil is white and solid, it can be warmed up where it will become a light, non-greasy liquid. But do not worry, coconut oil has great stability, and will not dry on your skin for a very long time!

Extra uses
Like almond oil, Coconut oil is a very popular and widely recognised alternative to other types of cooking oil. It is incredibly healthy and is known to induce weight loss, anti-ageing, lower and cholesterol and prevents illness.

Things you should know

Coconut oil is comedogenic and should therefore be avoided by people who suffer from acne and break outs.



So there you have it, our top 5 massage oils for a body to body massage. If you’re using an outcall massage service, don’t be afraid to contact your masseuse beforehand and request a certain brand of oil. Alternatively, for home use, make sure to read the instructions on the packaging before use and use the oil appropriately and in moderation. For the perfect Body to Body massage, make sure you choose the perfect oil.

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what to expect from your first massage experience.

What To Expect From Your First Erotic Massage Experience

Are you wondering what to expect from your first erotic massage experience? Ok, so you’ve taken your time to do some research and found what seems to be a well qualified masseuse or masseur. You spend time in your mind mulling it over and  finally plucked up the courage to treat yourself to a lovely erotic massage. By now you have rung up and booked your chosen masseuse or masseur and now excited and looking forward to the whole experience.

As the time approaches you realise you’ve never been to one before and have no or little idea as what to expect from your well deserve pamper time. How should you greet them? what should you wear? These are just two of the many questions you may be asking yourself. Well to help remove some of these doubts and save you any embarrassment we’re going to list a few tips on etiquette and what to expect when you arrive for your first and hopefully not last erotic massage experience.

Before you Arrive

Before you arrive for your massage session make sure you have done your due diligence as to what services your chosen masseuse or masseur is willing to undertake, This may seem like a stupid thing to do, but trust us not all offer the same types of erotic massage and it helps to ask before hand to avoid any awkward moment or embarrassment on both you and your masseuse account.

If you are suffering from any forms of skin irritation such as sunburn or anything similar be sure to reschedule your appointment as the massage treatment may cause your symptoms to worsen during and after the massage.

Always allow yourself enough time to relax before your visit. If for instance you’re having a stressful busy day and arrive to the session all stressed and tense, it then it will take longer for you to relax and fully appreciate and enjoy the experience.

Be sure to be clean. this is not only for your own personal hygiene but also for that or the masseuses.


On Arrival

Your masseuse or masseur will meet and greet you in a warm polite and friendly manner to help you begin to relax and feel at ease with the whole experience.

Then your therapist will  ask you if you have any underlying health conditions that may restrict your massage ( such as mobility issues), and then seek to find out what results you are hoping to achieve, either relaxation, stress relief or help with any other chronic symptoms you may be suffering from.


Do I need to be completely naked?

Although most erotic massages require the area being treated to be exposed you may cover the rest of your body.

And remember that you only need to remove the clothes you feel comfortable removing. Your masseuse should never insist you remove parts of your clothing you are not comfortable with taking off.


what to expect from your first erotic massage experience.


During Your Massage

Once this has been taken care of your masseuse or masseur will then ask you to undress and slip into a robe before your session begins. If this is in a communal area they will usually provide a safe area containing lockers to help keep your clothes and belongings safe, should you be asked in the treatment room then your masseuse or masseur will leave the room while you remove your clothes and get comfortable. There will usually be a robe or sheet to cover yourself with and unless told otherwise you should be lying with your stomach down.

Expect some oil. Usually your erotic massage will include aromatherapy oils, these are used to help warm the skin and allow easy gliding of the hands during your massage. Once your you have gotten undressed and are ready to begin your masseuse will begin by starting to help you relax, by working on your different muscles using a wide range of strokes and motions with different amounts of pressure.

However don’t be afraid to communicate with your masseuse or masseur, be sure to speak up if you feel too much pressure or it causes you pain,Often during a erotic massage your masseuse may play music to help you get into the mood and begin to relax, but don’t worry if you find the music is too distracting, or you find the temperature is a bit low. Speak to your  masseuse they will not be offended as they want you to enjoy the experience as much as possible.


After Your Massage

After your erotic massage treatment has ended your masseuse will leave the room and allow you time to get dressed. Some people can often feel light headed or dizzy after their massage so therefore it is wise to take your time getting ready.

Once ready your therapist will lead you outside to the desk to pay.

Once dressed your therapist may offer you a drink of water to help re hydrate your body and to help the body flush out waste toxins,be sure to drink it.

It is also advised if possible to try and make some free to unwind from your massage and avoid rushing back to strenuous activities.

How you feel after your massage will depend on the type of treatment received, for most people though they find that they have increased joint movement and generally feel much happier within themselves.

Now hopefully, we’ve cleared up any hesitations or questions you may have regarding what to expect from your first erotic massage experience.




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oriental nuru massage london

How to offer a nuru massage to your loved one

Firstly, let’s speak a little bit about what an oriental nuru massage is.

It’s a movement, a brand, a desire, a taste – in other words, it is more than just a massage. Originating from Japan, the erotic community in Tokyo have lived up to Japan’s rich history of ideas and innovation by giving the world something more than gadgets, raw fish and karate.

This is such a turning point in sexual history that the word ‘foreplay’ would need a whole new definition to incorporate this particular way of doing things.

Ok, so enough of the jabber and let’s go straight to the details. For starters, this is what you will need: –

  1. Plenty of time
  2. A working shower
  3. Nuru gel
  4. Latex sheets
  5. Oil
  6. A loving partner

Jump into the shower, both of you!

First thing is to prepare your environment. Dim the lights, burn essential oils and put on some soft, gentle music – a slow tempo sax is ideal. Once you are happy with the ambience in the room, spread some latex sheets on your bed because it is going to get really wet and messy! Then it is a case of preparing the oil. Do this by getting a bowl of warm water and place the entire bottle of nuru oil into it standing up so to warm the substance. Have another bowl of warm water ready on the side.

Slowly take off each other’s clothes whilst kissing and caressing. Rub yourself against each other so that you really feel the passion and love. Make sure the shower is on and that the steam is clearly visible. Grab your loved one by the pelvis and lead them under the water.

Applying the gel

Spend some time giving each other a soapy lather just as a pre massage routine – a warm up, so to speak – then you will be refreshed and at your sensual peak so the rest of it will be highly erotic! Ensure that the erogenous zones such as the genitals, buttocks and breasts are caressed and rubbed using the nuru gel. The slippery feeling is quite irresistible!

Leaving the shower, just dab a towel against each other just to remove excess water but not too dry oneself completely. A little moisture is ideal for the oil to be most effective. Also, you need a little wetness to slide on the latex sheets!

Remove the bottle of oil from the bowl and add a few squirts to the other bowl that is already standing. This is to create a diluted form of the lubricant that is wet enough to aid in the slippery activity that you’re about to do! Be warned, this will get messy so ensure that the latex sheets are secure against the bed.

Before engaging in  passionate ‘sexercise’ on the bed, both of you must stand next to each other in very close proximity so you have physical contact. Your partner’s whole body is at your disposal so the breasts, rear and hips should get a good dose of the nuru massage oil. Don’t forget to keep eye contact with the occasional kiss to keep the sexual tension going!

Traditionally, the masseuse takes charge and will move the man to the bed and in most cases, he will lie down on his stomach. This is personal preference but this is the most sensual position because the man cannot see the masseuse and this simply enhances his sense of touch.

Let’s pause for a moment.

Take note that by this stage of the oriental nuru massage, most couples are in a heightened state of sexual frenzy. So, the next phase can either be a slow and romantic ceremonial exercise or an uncontrollable sex feast that unleashes the animal within you. This often takes shape at the spur of the moment so just follow your desires at this point!

Action points to enhance intimacy

  • Use plenty of oil
  • Use the curves of the body to excite and stimulate
  • Use the tongue on erogenous zones
  • Avoid penetration until the last moment
  • Repeat the nuru massage again and again!

Your Not Alone

That’s right, believe it or not, but you’re not alone oriental nuru massage is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK and more and more people are opting for this type of massage mainly because the oriental nuru massage is not only extremely relaxing and enjoyable as you might have guessed but because it also brings together through the intimacy of touch. It will also help you to appreciate your body in a whole new light and your loving partner of course!

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What is the best erotic massage company in london

I Got An Erotic Massage And It Made Me Feel Alive!

Like any other man, I enjoy sex. What guy doesn’t? I’d been going through a bit of a rough patch – a hat trick of rejections and disappointments – and my stepbrother suggested getting an erotic massage. He claimed it saved his stressed-out sex life. My ears perked up as this. I’d been going through a bit of a dry spell at the time (too much work and not enough play), so any viable solution would be handy. Also, my sex life had been good, but it was pretty vanilla – none of my ex-girlfriends had been notably adventurous. Not that an erotic massage is particularly out there, but you know, it’s thrilling. Anyway, my mind was hooked on the idea of an erotic massage.

The company I went by had a different approach to erotic massage services than I’d pictured in my mind. In my fantasies, I’d go down to a parlour, choose from a line-up of girls and get the massage – the way they’re portrayed in films. In reality, a lot of companies do outcall services, where the girls come to you instead you going down to the parlour. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main one is the danger of massage parlours offering erotic services attracting police raids. In the UK (excluding Northern Ireland), the management of a brothel is illegal, but prostitution or the selling of sexual services is legal. That makes outcall massage services totally legit and the law will turn a blind eye.

Another great thing about mobile masseuses is that they do all the travelling and you just stay put. After all, the last thing you’d want to do after a total relaxation session is to have to travel all the way back home, get stuck in traffic and feel that stress come creeping right back up like the Boogie Man. If you think about it, it’s way more convenient – you don’t have to go anywhere and can get this session in the comfort of your own space. Heck, you could even get it at the office!

Choosing My Outcall Erotic Massage

Sadly, I’m not quite that brave, so I opted for the masseuse to do a home visit. After my boss had given the erotic massage request the green light, I decided to choose Friday as the prime day. The Big Day. It’d be a great way to wind down from a busy week at work. When Friday, AKA The Big Day, rolled around, I all but raced home. I’d been surreptitiously browsing the massage company’s website all week and turns out there was more than one kind of erotic massage. Would I go for a tantric massage? What about a lingam massage? Oh but a nuru sounds like an absolute dream.

In the end, I just opted for a standard erotic massage. Don’t want to over-excite myself, after all. My doorbell rang precisely 55 minutes after I’d made my booking. I was quite pleased at this, because the company stayed true to their “your masseuse will be with you within the hour” promise, and somehow managed to get a girl over in central London traffic. I was a little nervous to open my door because when the company asked me which girl I’d like, I’d said “someone cute and slim with curves”. What if she was the complete opposite and I wasn’t attracted to her at all? With as much courage as I could muster, I wrenched my door open. A petite, slim-hipped girl stood on my doorstep. She was pale, brunette, East Asian and very pretty. Wrapped in a trench coat, she beamed up at me. “Are you from the massage parlour?” I stuttered. She giggled, a little tinkle of a laugh, and nodded. I stepped back to let her in. “There’s no need to be nervous!” she said.



I got an erotic massage in London and I loved it!


I’ve been with numerous women in the past, so it’s not as though I’m a newbie to sexual intimacy. But this was unexplored territory. With a pounding heart and sweating palms, I undressed and Coco – the name she went by – gave me a small towel to preserve my modesty. Then I lay down on my front on the air mattress I’d set up in my living room for the massage session. Coco began liberally applying the massage oil over my back and shoulders, beginning the initial full body massage.

“So how did you get into erotic massage?” I asked her.

“I was a student and strapped for money,” she said, while working her hands down the planes of my back. “One of my cousins jokingly suggested getting a job as a masseuse and I went for it. I graduated last year and I’m still doing it, because it’s good money and I’m saving up to do a Master’s.”

“Ah, that’s why you’ve got an English accent.”

“Yes, there are just as many British born Asians who are masseuses as there are FOBs – fresh off the boat.” She told me that there were quite a few students in the business, which was news to me. There’s the assumption that Asian masseuses are immigrants, but clearly it’s not the case.

I was nervous at the start of the massage but the more we talked and the more secret smiles that passed between us, the easier it became. Coco was well-versed on politics, followed the rugby and watched Game of Thrones. Who would’ve guessed?

When she flipped me over, her hands lingered on my upper thighs. The silky massage oil on her skin felt too inviting so I couldn’t stop myself from sliding my hands up her thighs as her hands mirrored mine. She ran her hands up and down my legs, fingertips grazing over my crotch. As an ex-rugby university player, I’d had sports massages in the past but this was nothing like that. Surprisingly, it was far more sensual than sexual, which I didn’t expect. The company stood true to their promise of driving a client’s mind wild – my mind had indeed run wild and boarded the crazy train.

Every now and again, I’d open my eyes to look at her. I didn’t know what the etiquette was. Gazing felt too intimate but keeping your eyes closed the entire time seemed rude. Staring was definitely too creepy. I opted for peeking at her when I thought I could get away with it.

It’s a strange sort of faux intimacy – perfect if you want to experience sexual gratification without all of the strings attached. Her touch was far more sensual than any girl I’d been with, but as I fleetingly wondered how many men she’d touched in the span of her massaging career. It was special and it was arousing as hell, but for me, it wasn’t how real intimacy should be. But that’s exactly the point of an erotic massage – to provide satisfaction and tension release by way of arousal.

An Unexpected And Welcome End

“Would you like any extra services?” she asked.

My face felt flushed. Was I blushing? Goodness. “If it’s no bother,” I said in a very English way.

As she slipped her hand under the towel, I began to feel a new level of empathy for erotic masseuses. Was she enjoying this as much as me? Did she have a partner and what would he or she say? Before we started the massage, I’d assured her that I’d ask for permission before touching her – it was something my elder sister had always lectured me. Women are not objects. But shamefully, my fingers were running up and down her hips. It’s difficult to not be instinctual when in a sexual situation.

Thankfully, Coco began to touch my penis (lingam, as they call it in erotic massage terms).The erotic massage had done its magic and I was certainly aroused. It had been a while since I’d had any kind of action and the massage helped, but as we touched each other, I climaxed quickly. It was like a volcanic explosion – intense and broke out in waves that coursed through me. As it subsided, I was left strangely relaxed and my mind tranquil but motivated.

After she left, I began to see why an outcall massage is so convenient. I didn’t want to do anything but lie down and revel in the relaxing state of mind I was currently in.

“I think an erotic massage would be a great form of sexual therapy,” Coco had told me. And I agree – it was intimate enough to encourage bonds but not overly so. Under the right circumstances and the right sort of professional hand, the occasional dalliance with erotic massage might well be the way to a well-balanced mind.

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benefits of lingam massage

The lingam massage: A complete And Comprehensive Guide

Not many are familiar with the term ‘lingam’  these days and even fewer with the lingam massage. However, It is an ancient term that refers to the male penis and because it is essentially a lost art, only a few sexology practitioners have the knowledge, wisdom and deep insights into what a lingam massage can achieve.

An ancient practice

To give a brief account, it is found in the ancient Hindu texts of sexual practice but it is most fully incorporated in the Taoist manuals of human sexuality. Stemming from the Sanskrit term, ‘lingam’ linguistically means ‘wand of light’ and the meaning of this can be best understood by briefly looking into Chinese philosophy.

Understanding sexual energy

When sexual energy is understood, one will learn that the Lingam houses a great deal of energy. And in order to really appreciate this, ejaculation has to be refrained from and yes, also during sex.  The Tantric practitioners believe that this way you will keep all the powers and the so called Ojas (Seed) within yourself so that you’ll be able to direct them towards the divine. This is because ultimately Tantra is a spiritual path that leads to enlightenment.

Immediately a western reader finds this idea unusual because sex is not considered to have a spiritual or sacred dimension but to a philosophically trained easterner, sex and spirituality go hand in hand without tension.

To dig a little deeper within traditional Taoist philosophy, the penis is thought to contain numerous reflex points (as in the feet and arms) which, if stimulated correctly, can have an intense feeling on the whole body. The discipline of reflexology is wonderful here because it provides greater, more intimate knowledge of the penis and this knowledge is powerful if pleasing one’s partner is of a high priority.


Let’s get into fascinating detail

Did you know that there are over 25 different massaging holds of the penis that intensify the feelings of lust and desire? This includes a gentle rub of the body to squeezing the shaft and caressing the scrotum.  However, it must be remembered that orgasm is not the goal here. The result is about a heightened sense of sexual satisfaction and performance that allows one to have sex for hours without ejaculation!

The lingam massage is a secret window into the world of tantric sex, whereby a man can learn the art of controlling ejaculation. In other words, an orgasm can be experienced without losing a drop of semen! Or let’s say it in a different way – men can experience multiple orgasms without secreting their bodily fluids!


the complete guide to the lingam massage


How does it work?

With the help of massage oil (jasmine is the best), a relaxed and calm mood coupled with a good masseuse (ideally your partner), the receiver would lay down on his back at a slight incline and focus on his breathing.  With the legs slightly spread and knees bent, the male genitalia are completely exposed and ready to be pleased. The various slow and rhythmic techniques that are employed ranging from the abdomen to the scrotum and perineum achieve two primary benefits: –

  1. Enhanced lustfulness
  2. A dispersion of sexual energy

In terms of the first point, a heightened level of arousal and sexual tension is the inevitable result of the entire scheme of massage and holding methods. The receiver is encouraged to focus on his breathing at this point and feel the build up of energy in his sexual organ. Most men find this unusual. More often than not, sexual activity is goal and position orientated whereas very little attention is given to one’s sexual potential.  Men, in particular, need to learn how to relax and receive pleasure.  The lingam massage teaches exactly that!

This totally breaks down the traditional understanding of sex. We are conditioned to just focus on the orgasm but we forget that our internal energy can be nurtured in such a way that a man can be in complete lustfulness without ejaculating. And this leads onto the second point.

Massaging the penis

It is the spreading of sexual energy that is just not comprehended to most minds. Once a reasonable amount of oil is applied to the shaft and testicles of the penis, the intimate massage begins by rubbing the scrotum and prostate area with one hand, whilst with the other hand, the main body of the penis is recipient to a gentle up and down vertical movement. Applying the right pressure in the right spot is the key to intensify sexual desire. With a variation of speed and pressure, the feeling of ejaculation will be strong but the masseuse slows the tempo right down and spreads the energy around the body so the entire being feels pleasure without the need for ejaculation! Through this technique, the orgasmic energy will disperse to all parts of the body like waves, some intense whilst others being more subtle. The result is ejaculatory mastery that enhances one’s love life manifold.

You would not be surprised to know that this massage is used by the more sexually inhibited to those with marital problems. Whatever the reason for men receiving this massage, one thing for sure is that it unlocks people’s sex lives. Orgasms and ejaculation are two different phenomena and once you experience this, the feeling will be like no other!

So, there you have it. From its roots as a mystical Indian/Chinese tradition, the lingam massage has an incredible power to it which most men are not even aware of, let alone know how to unlock it.

No doubt, it takes time to master this as a lot of time and understanding needs to go into it. But the best time to start is now. Widening the breath of sexual experience adds to the depth and richness of life to the extent that one feels more positive, confident and assertive in everyday life.

Hopefully, that on its own is a tantalising reason to give this ancient lingam massage practice a go and who knows, it may take your sex life to new heights!

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Outcall erotic massage in London services

4 Reasons Why Outcall Erotic Massage Services Are Perfect For You!

Everyone has a busy schedule, everyone has a hectic lifestyle; life is just an endless series of hurdles getting in our way. This is why relaxation is incredibly important, for both your mental and physical health. Outcall erotic massages are clouded by taboos and negative stigmas, which is why people are often hesitant to explore them. However, this is why outcall massage services are insanely popular; here are a few reasons why:

  1. They are flexible

Unlike massage parlours, most London outcall erotic massage services are not ruled by set opening times; they operate 24 hours a day. For those of you with demanding lifestyles, outcall services are specifically designed to work around your schedule, not the other way around. Whether you’re looking to book something last minute or well in advance, most outcall services can have a masseuse at your door in as little as 30 minutes! But if you weren’t already aware, outcall services aren’t just limited to home visits. Whether you’re staying in a London Hotel, or work in a London office, you can experience an incredible massage pretty much anywhere you choose.  Talk about handy, right? So say goodbye to London traffic forever!

  1. They are discrete

Even though erotic massages are pretty amazing, people generally like to keep their experiences under wraps. Most people imagine naughty massage parlours to be sleazy underground dungeons in the most derelict parts of London. Although this is not the case, many people don’t want to be associated with naughty parlours regardless. This is where outcall services come into it. Whether you’re at home, staying at a London hotel or are working in a London office, a masseuse can be sent to a location of your choice, at a time that suits you. Privacy is pretty much always part of the package, so you’ll secret safe with chosen masseuse. The whole point of an erotic massage is to relax, so stressing about being caught red-handed is the last thing you need!

  1. It’s more relaxing

I’ll say it once, I’ll say it twice, I’ll say it a thousand times- erotic massages are mind-blowingly relaxing! Whether you opt for a Tantric, Sensual, Nuru, Body to Body or Lingam Massage, you will be left feeling totally rejuvenated and chilled. However, imagine being able to experience all of this in the comfort of your own home? Following on from the above point, most people are hesitant to venture through the doors of a massage parlour. Maybe you’re nervous, or maybe you just don’t want to be seen by anyone you know. Either way, outcall services are the solution. Instead of feeling like the guest, outcall massage services allow you to book sexy massages in a setting that you are comfortable and familiar with. Could it get any better?

  1. They are good for you!

Okay, so let’s not beat around the bush anymore- you need to get an outcall erotic massage, ASAP. For all of the above reasons, outcall erotic massage services are designed to completely relax you in every single way. They aren’t just a massage; they are an experience, which is why most businesses cater to your every need and desire. But the bottom line is, pleasure is good for your health. Got high blood pressure or suffer from anxiety or depression? The chances are, you’re not having enough ‘me time’. With an outcall erotic massage, you never have to worry about finding time again, nor being judged by family and friends. They are stress-free, hassle-free, and insanely hot. So what are you waiting for?



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getting a body to body massage in London

The Ultimate Guide to Body to Body Massage

View Our London Body to Body Masseuses

We’ve scanned the web, searching high and low for all the facts and information about the body to body massage and brought them together to create an inclusive guide. Read on to learn what a body to body massage is, how it’s executed, what to expect during a typical session and what surprising benefits a regular session can have.

What is a body to body massage?

A body to body massage, also known as a body 2 body, is a highly sensual and erotic form of massage. Also considered as sexual therapy, the massage is a full body one where the masseuse uses her entire naked body to stimulate the client as well as her hands. It’s intended to arouse so typically involves a sensual massage of the genital and erogenous areas, which results in a physical release (an orgasm).

A real body to body massage, one that’s worth paying for, isn’t a cheesy, laughable experience. It isn’t anything like the exotic Asian massages you see on films or TV shows. It’s not a sleazy affair – you wouldn’t pay £130 for that. Originating as far back as Ancient Rome and Egypt, it’s an art form that’s rich in history. When performed correctly and professionally, a body to body massage can expose you to a wealth of health benefits.

What’s the difference between a body to body and a nuru massage?

Like a body to body massage, a nuru massage also involves the therapist using her body, as well as her hands, as the massaging instrument. However, the main difference is that a nuru massage uses a special gel while a body to body massage uses oils and lotions. Aside from this, the two erotic massages offer the same sort of sensations and benefits as each other.


what is a body to body massage and what is it for?


What happens during a body to body massage?

During a body 2 body session, the masseuse will use the feminine curves and soft surfaces of her body to stimulate the client and offer a diversity of intense sensations. She will use her breasts, stomach, thighs, calves, feet and arms at varying speeds and pressures to excite all parts of the client’s body. The point is to make maximum skin to skin, full body contact to create maximum pleasure, which allows the mind to escape reality.

A body to body massage typically begins with a standard full body massage to relax the client. After this, the masseuse will climb on top of the client and begin sliding and grinding her body, using a variety of motions and pressures, to stimulate the client. There won’t a single patch of skin left untouched, which makes the massage very erotic. Arousal is inevitable and orgasms are welcomed.

What’s the point of a body to body massage?

A body to body massage is more than just pleasurable arousal. It holds roots in Tantrism, a meditative style that was practised by Hindus in Ancient Indian times. It’s thought that tantric meditation can create sexual energy that can lead to a state of bliss and even enlightenment. A body2body massage works to keep this vital energy circulating through the body’s seven main energy centres (also known as ‘Chakras’).

While this is happening, the client is encouraged to focus only on the massage and the sensations. The aim is to feel the physical sensations on a spiritual level and make the massage a wholly holistic experience for the body, mind and soul. In this spiritual state and with practice, you can expect to feel prolonged, more intense sexual pleasure.

A body to body massage is rather ritualistic, so there will be a specific process. A real body to body massage therapist will ensure that the massage is a well-guided ritual that nurtures and pleases the client.


What are the health benefits of a body to body massage?


the health benefits of body to body massage

  1. Boosts blood circulation

A body to body massage stimulates the entire body using a mixture of massage strokes at a range of speeds and pressures. This variety of strokes physically pushes the blood around the body, which helps with circulation. When blood flows more smoothly through the body, more nutrients reach the muscles, skin and organs, which result in a better-supplied body.

Poor circulation can be the reason behind aching muscles, numb extremities (such as fingers and toes), bloating due to water retention, varicose veins, dry skin and even fatigue. The kneading motions in a body to body massage can help awaken a sluggish system, ensuring that the resupplying of nutrients and removal of toxins is efficient. Regular massage helps with tissue function, and can even result in a tighter, more toned body.

  1. Reduces stress

Studies have shown that massage reduces stress. It doesn’t just relax the muscles and mind, it also reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisone and increases the levels of the love hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is the same hormone released during an orgasm, so it’s no wonder pleasure is so enjoyable.

  1. Helps immune system

Cortisone doesn’t just cause stress. High levels of it kill white blood cells, the soldiers in our bodies that fight against illnesses. Massages reduce the level of cortisone, which in turn, increases the levels of white blood cells and lymphocyte cells, which also defend our body from harmful foreign bodies. A body to body massage also helps to improve the circulation of lymph fluid around the body, which aids the efficient removal of cell waste and toxins from the body.

  1. Helps insomnia

Studies have proved that massage helps provide a better quality of sleep. Stress and anxiety can be responsible for insomnia, but massage promotes relaxation, eliminates stress which helps us fall asleep more quickly.

  1. Keeps skin soft

Massage oils are always liberally used during a body to body massage to ensure the masseuse can easily slide over the skin. Not only does this heighten the sensation, but it’s also super moisturising for the skin. The oil is warm, which opens the skin’s pores, penetrates the epidermis which results in complete hydration. Moisturised skin is important in order to prevent dryness, flaking skin, sagging and premature aging. A body to body massage is not just a relaxing massage – it’s also a moisturising spa treatment. Clients can leave feeling revitalised with wonderfully soft, glowing skin.

  1. Promotes a healthy mental wellbeing

Skin to skin contact does wonders for our mental wellbeing. Touch is comforting, loving and builds trust. This is backed up by new-born babies – placing them next to their mother’s skin shortly after birth stabilises their heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. This contact helps to build an irreplaceable bond between mother and child. This desire for human touch hasn’t diminished as we’ve aged. A body to body massage fulfils all this. It can help everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation and relationship status, enjoy a happy, healthy mental wellbeing.

As you can see there is a lot more that goes into a body to body massage then simply rubbing bodies together. So the next time you’re contemplating getting a body to body massage in London you’ll be fully informed of its uses and health benefits.


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how ti win over your wife or girlfriend with an erotic massage in London.

How to Win Over Your Wife Or Girlfriend Using Erotic Massage

Are you struggling for a present or gift to win over your wife or girlfriend? Are the typical ideas like the Thornton’s box of chocolates, bunch of cheesy flowers or a dinner reservation at some dull but expensive restaurant leaving you depressingly uninspired? Are you looking for something totally imaginative but wildly sexy? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, an erotic Asian massage may be the perfect present to win them over.

What is an erotic massage?

 An erotic massage uses massage techniques that sensually stimulate the erogenous areas to the point of arousal. Erotic massages use slow hand motions to gradually build up arousal and then maintain this constant state of desire. Because of its gentle teasing nature (arousing to the point of release, slowing down and then arousing again), erotic is highly pleasurable.

Where do I start? 

You don’t have to be a professional masseuse to do this type of massage. You just need confidence and a willingness to pleasure your partner.

Make sure the room is a comfortably warm temperature. Scented candles add to the mood. Start by undressing your partner and leading them to the massaging area. It doesn’t have to be a massage table. It can be an air mattress on the ground, a few oversized cushions strewn on the floor or bed. Add a little bit of sensory deprivation, such as a blindfold, headphones playing some relaxing music or handcuffs to restrict motion, for extra playfulness.

Start the session with a standard full body massage. Have your partner lie down on their front and rub some massage oil (coconut, almond, apricot kernel and jojoba are some popular favourites) over your partner’s body. Don’t go straight for the genital areas just yet. The point of an erotic massage is to build arousal, so slowly massage the shoulders, down the back, buttocks and legs. The first stage is relaxation, so spend some time on the major muscle groups and focus on smoothing out any knots. Once your partners totally relaxed and probably mildly aroused, start bringing in some erotic elements.

Slowly turn your partner over and begin slowly stroking your oiled hands up and down their front. Alternate from massaging neutral areas, like the shoulders, to erogenous, like the breasts and genitals. Because they’re blindfolded, it’ll increase the arousal. Slowly crank up the erotic levels by focusing on the genitals for a good five minutes and then backing off for another five. Then repeat. You’ll drive your partner wild with desire.

If you want to really bring in the sexiness, try using your entire body to massage theirs. Press your oiled body against theirs and literally rub and grind against them, allowing them to feel every one of your warm crevices.

Now, the massage can go one of two ways here but because it’s with your wife or girlfriend, it’s likely to get even sexier. Remember that massage oils are not appropriate internal lubricants because they break down the latex in condoms, so keep some lube on hand.


impress your wife or girlfriend with an erotic massage experience in London


Some last minute tips 

Go slow

An erotic massage is all about prolonged arousal, so make sure you alternate between erogenous and neutral body zones to prevent them from reaching the end too quickly.

Be teasing

Keep your partner at the very edge of release by give them a taste of heaven and then taking it away. It’ll drive them insane.

Don’t be afraid to be a bit kinky

 You don’t have to be as kinky as Christian Grey – that’s a whole new level – but there’s nothing too scary about handcuffs and blindfolds. It’ll give the session an interesting edge. Go on and get your kink on!   

Be confident

Erotic massages are very creative, so keep your mind open and be confident. Remember the goal is to tease, tempt and keep your partner dangling on the edge. Do this, and it’ll be a very special and mind-blowing time indeed.

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The health benefits of tantric massage

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Tantric Massage

What if I were to tell you that tantric massage can have amazing health benefits? Tantric massage therapy isn’t a new craze or sudden trend, in fact, it has been around for many thousands of years in both eastern and western cultures to help revitalise the body and mind. Many of the different massage techniques can have their roots traced back hundreds if not thousands of years, many of these cultures used these massage therapies to help relieve the body and mind from the physical and mental strain.

There are many different types of massage which all aim to eliminate and minimise these type of problem. Whether you have an aching back from working all day or just feel tired from everyday stress then there is a type of massage for you, which will not help you recover from the effects but also leaving you much more content and feeling generally happier.

As will all therapies there can be numerous health benefits to be gained from undergoing a tantric massage and the experience can often leave many speechless as the power of bodywork is undeniable. Yet despite this, there are still many misconceptions about the benefits of such a massage and it’s overall effects on health and spiritual well-being.


10 amazing health benefits of tantric massage


Usually, the main positive health effects a massage can have is the reduction of stress, muscle tension and aches and pains. However, there are numerous claims that a tantric massage can also help to alleviate the symptoms and effects of other chronic illnesses and conditions.

The top 10 amazing health benefits of tantric massage


1 Help relieve aches and pains.

Many people today have extremely busy lifestyles and as such often suffer from aches and pains,this could be because of a hard physical job or maybe even an injury. A relaxing tantric massage can be a great way to help reduce those lingering aches.

2 Helps you to relax.

What could be a better way to relax than to treat your body and mind to the sensual experience of a massage? Forget just relaxing those muscles a tantric massage will truly relax your whole body and mind while every inch of your body is cared for by your masseuse.

3 Relieves stress.

Many experts believe that the number one cause of poor health in modern society is that of stress, and it’s negative long-term effects not just on the mind but also the physical body. Because of this, it is vital to take care of your overall health and well-being, and a massage can be a great complementary medicine to achieve this.

4 Improved Sexual drive.

Because tantric is a very sensual concept in itself, that through the use of  subtle and soft touches to the skin. that it can help increase sexual energy and drive in both men and women. This can also help develop intimacy between partners which may have otherwise been lost.

5 Self Awareness and Awakening.

Tantric massages are not merely for those who suffer from painful conditions. But also be used by those wishing to discover themselves in a deeper meaningful way either spiritually or sexually as you submit to all control to another person.

6 Increased Blood Circulation.

Because a massage helps combat your stress levels and helps you to fully immerse yourself in the experience and relax. This can I have a positive impact on your blood circulation and can often help with blood pressures problems as a result.

7 Help to Improve Sleep.

Another overlooked health benefit of a tantric massage is that of helping to improve your sleep. As you go about your day and stress builds up this causes things to play on your mind when all you really want to do is sleep. massages can be a great way to help solve the problem of poor sleep.

8 Control Impulses.

Believe it or not but tantric massages make use of various breathing techniques. Once you have mastered the control of these breathing techniques not only will they help enhance your experience but they can also be used to help you control your body naturally.

9 Sex Education.

Sexual education in modern western culture is often found to be lacking, and not detailed enough to help prepare us for the intimate and sensual experience of being intimate with one’s partner. massage is a good way to explore and truly discover what it is you desire.

10 Improved and stronger orgasms.

Massages are a very sensual experience and make use gentle touches this combined with the breathing techniques can help men overcome erectile dysfunction.  Although the main goal of a tantric massage is not to orgasm this can often be a welcomed side effect and enhanced by the techniques used throughout the massage.

So there you have it folks 10 amazing health benefits of tantric massage, that you may have not previously known about. So if you have been thinking of a new way to get healthier or relax, then the next time your in London get yourself a tantric massage.

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erotic massage in london,

An Erotic Massage in London

Getting an erotic massage in London from the best outcall massage London service provider then Erotic Massage UK are more than sure to satisfy your desires and leaving feeling more than happy. This kind of pleasure starts from the moment one of our beautiful masseuses applies massage oil or gel gently over your whole body. Imagine as she then gently spreads the oil with her soft warm hands over your thighs and begins to slowly work her way up your legs and stomach before slowly returning her hands back towards the most intimate areas of your body. This happy ending erotic massage in London is a sure fire way to receive an electrifying and pleasurable experience. Our masseuses have years of training and experience in helping our customers to relax and enjoy a pleasurable time. They will have no problem whatsoever attending your hotel or home an outcall massage masseuse and provide you with your own in-room tantalisingly erotic experience.


Our exotic and beautifully stunning masseuses will make use of many techniques to help unlock your tired and tense muscles using deep tissue methods to help warm you up and bring you to a sense of tranquillity. Once one of these luscious masseuses skilfully begins to work her massage talent towards your more intimate areas the whole massage experience will become a lot more seductive and erotic and will probably unlike anything you may have experienced before. More often than not we need to break with convention and be the recipients of this kind of pleasure to fully experience a deeper more meaningful sensual experience. When you begin to fully open up and relax during your massage session you will begin to become fully immersed in the experience which will definitely help you enjoy it to its fullest potential. Every one of our exotic masseuses are really caring and charming women who have become renowned for their expertise and skills erotic massage in London. All of our luscious and lovely ladies are well trained in various forms of massage such as Thai, tantric, erotic, Nuru, body to body and lingam massage. So we can provide a lady that suits your needs, wants, and desires.


erotic massage in london,


Any erotic massage in London by Erotic Massage UK is sure to be more than you could ever ask for as they will take care of your every need while making sure you are sensually reawakened through the power of erotic massage. For those wishing to try more intimate things there is always the option of a prostate massage which is very popular also this extremely intimate massage focuses on the male prostate gland also known as the male G-spot or a man’s sacred spot, this aims to stimulate the man’s prostate which as well as having medicinal benefits also can help to enhance and increase the pleasure gained from an erotic massage.


If you’re looking for the ultimate erotic massage in London, then you’ve absolutely no need to even consider looking anywhere else.

Our beautiful and stunning masseuses are available for outcall massage in London. And can provide you a full tantalising and erotic massage experience in the comfort of your own hotel room right now. So why would you delay in being able to rejuvenate your body and soul from within? what’s even better is that we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week so there is absolutely no excuse not to book your amazing erotic massage and experience a world of pleasure beyond your wildest dreams that you never imagined possible.

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lingam massage in london, lingam massage,

Getting a London Lingam Massage


In today’s often hectic and busy world, where we are all busy it is vital that we find time for our own pleasure, which form this takes is entirely up to you whether it’s catching up with old friends, watching your favourite movies indulging on ice cream, or maybe even taking a long leisurely stroll in the countryside. Here at Erotic Massage UK in we suggest that you experience the sheer sensual delight of a London lingam massage the next time you decide to visit.

Our sensual London lingam massage are renowned for being the ultimate and best lingam massage a male can get anywhere! Regardless of who we are and whatever our background we are seeking to find one thing in life and that is pleasure in all its forms, and here at Erotic Massage UK, we aim to just do that and offer you untold bundles of pleasure and joy.

Everywhere around us in nature are animals that love to feel the sense of touch, dogs loved to be petted, cats adore being stroked. And as you might have guessed so do we as humans. It’s often forgotten on us just how powerful this sense is and it has the ability to profoundly move us. It somehow makes us feel more connected with ourselves and sometimes even a sense of safety. It doesn’t matter if it is a soft touch, a warm-hearted cuddle or a full erotic and sensual massage we all need a reason to feel loved or special.

With our London lingam massage we specifically focus on the mystical and powerful sense of touch as well as the fine art of seduction. The breath-taking experience of a London lingam massage is one that you may describe as world changing. This form of super sexy massage releases trapped muscles, emotions and often our own inhibitions. They relax the body and mind and release waves of untold pleasure and sensual energy throughout our bodies. It’s because of this accumulation of feelings and emotions being released that help us to awaken our bodies and helps to increase our sexual energy and libido. Sensual and erotic massage are a sure-fire way to give you and your body a heightened sense of ecstatic and spine-tingling sensations no other can. These Tantric kinds of massage experience are designed to give your whole body an amazing experience like never before instead of a quick genital one.

A sensual and erotic London lingam massage with Erotic massage UK is an opportunity not to be missed, it’s a combination of slow, gentle strokes, with warm hands caressing every inch of your body with erotic and sensual touches bringing you and your body untold amounts of bountiful pleasure and excitement.


London lingam massage


Our London lingam massage experience makes use of all aspects of massage therapy, which includes using the bodies sense of touch to tease and caress your body. You will be amazed at the overwhelming array of pleasure you feel in places you didn’t know were capable of feeling such things as well discovering new and exciting erogenous zones. Once you have tried this London lingam massage experience your body will never feel the same again, as you will discover and reconnect with your inner self on a much deeper level of understanding, you will leave with a glow about you and a warm fuzzy feeling that encompasses your whole body and can’t be explained.

Not only does this type of massage promise to be extremely rewarding and pleasurable it will also have you feeling very content within yourself and give you a newer sense of focus. We offer a truly unique and once in a lifetime London lingam massage experience that will have you feeling undeniably intoxicated and left wanting more.

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How a Lingam Massage in London Can Help with Impotence

How a Lingam Massage in London Can Help with Impotence

A Lingam massage in London, also known as a ‘Tantra Lingam Massage’ was developed in India around 4000 years ago and was designed to celebrate the union of body, mind and soul. In Tantra or Sacred Sexuality, the Lingam (penis) is respectfully viewed and honoured, and is referred to as a “Wand of Light” that channels creative energy and pleasure. As such, the purpose of this massage is to teach its clients that the Lingam is not disconnected from the mind; so if you suffer from impotence, try tackling the problem from a different starting point.

Impotence or premature ejaculation is a common issue amongst men, but is very rarely explored or treated. It is usually a result of over thinking and over analysing sexual experiences, meaning men often psyche themselves out before they even get down to the nitty gritty. If you think you’re bad in the bedroom, you will be. If you think you’re going to come prematurely, the chances are, you will. Catch my drift? The purpose of a Lingam massage is to show men that physical problems often stem from the mind, so in order to kill the weed; you need to start at the root.

Starting Your Lingam Massage in London Experience

So, let’s start from the beginning; what do you think could be affecting your performance in the bedroom? One of the main psychological instigators of premature ejaculation is low self-esteem and confidence. Although this is a common attitude for both men and women, it can have a huge impact on a man’s ability to have sex. Lingam Massages do not only involve a message of the Lingam, they’re performed to encourage self-esteem, self- appreciation and body confidence. The masseuse will start by touching and caressing other parts of your body to stimulate positive and even pleasurable feelings. By associating different parts of the body with pleasure, you will start to see your body as temple of sexual prowess, not just your Lingam.


a lingam massage in london


By this point, participants are pretty relaxed; allowing the mind’s to clear. Like most erotic massages, relaxation is crucial for the release of negative energy from the body.  Relaxation is important because it has regenerative powers for the mind. But more importantly, it helps to re-charge our sexual battery by increasing erotic energy. Not only will this increase your sex drive, blood pressure will also decrease and circulation of oxygen and nutrients will improve. During this stage of the treatment, the masseuse will teach you about Tantric breathing techniques. These techniques can be applied at any time – even outside the Tantric massage sessions. This will allow you to re-access that state of relaxation experienced during the massage.

Once in that desired relaxed state, the masseuse will begin to stimulate the lingam and pelvic region. The massage techniques stimulate the lingam directly through a series of gentle and light strokes. Areas of the lingam which are connected directly to blood flow and ejaculation will also be stimulated for maximised effect. If you begin to reach the point of climax, your masseuse will teach you how to sense sexual energy and how to pull back the reigns before the release. If your orgasm is prevented, your masseuse will continue to repeat this technique. Repeating this ritual over and over is a great way to train your mind and control those urges. At the end of the day, practice makes perfect, right?  The purpose of the Lingam Massage is not to experience an orgasm, although this is welcomed, it is to teach sexual control and stamina.

Why Should You Get A Lingam Massage In London?

Simply put sex is an incredibly passionate experience and should project feelings of sensuality and pleasure, not discomfort and embarrassment. No matter what your age or history, getting a lingam massage in London, will open up your eyes and you may be surprised as to what it can do for you.

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tantric massage the tantric way

Tantric Massage – The Tantra Way!

Tantra or Tantric massage will lead you into ambience, your thoughts and worries disappear, time dissolves. You will enter into a state of complete oblivion. Here you will have an opportunity to deepen & surrender into pleasure and bliss, you will connect with your deepest, innermost, essential, divine, authentic self. Closing the gates to the rest of the world behind you, you are welcomed by a vision of beauty. Her seductive eyes and elegantly sensual demeanour welcome you. You enter your Sacred Space, you feel calm and serenity surround you, your entire soul will feel the touch of sensuality.

Tantric massage predates most and is intensely erotic, ensuring to sooth every muscle and nerve in your life, then guiding your mind and body to increased pleasure. Using a combination of traditional deep tissue massage, Thai, Swedish, Reiko, Head massage, and Tantra massage. You will feel the ancient spiritual arts of sacred connection to yourself and others. Using deep and intentional breathing, visual and mental imagery and movement. A mental and physical connection is created, together you open and activate the Chakras, by moving sexual energy and bringing you to the path of true passion.


tantric massage the tantric way


Your entire body, head to toe will relinquish to the touch and caresses of your beautiful therapist. Feel the warmth of her naked body, her delicate soft skin, her deep hypnotic gaze captivating you in the most sensuous manner, while losing yourself to the most pleasurable, loving, nurturing, healing, seductive touch, through Tantra massage.

A prostate massage will also be offered to discover the male G-spot, as well as ejaculatory control, Multi-orgasmic response (MOR), energy orgasm, full-body orgasm & expanded orgasm techniques.

The Lingam massage is never rushed. Your therapist will tenderly focus her hands and body on the energy of your Lingam, arouse and control just before ejaculation becomes inevitable. This repeated “peaking” process will help you with premature ejaculation and also teach you to have multiple mind and body orgasms without ejaculating. The delay method for ejaculation during our tantric massage in London sessions is a desirable feeling of prolonged pleasure. Many do like to end the session with a Lingam massage, enabling you to release all your sexual energy through a full body orgasmic release. It is here you will not only explore your sacred spot, but you will find your Sacred Space. It is here your Chakras will be aligned, and your life balanced.

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