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Tantric massage

Tantric massage benefits

Have you ever wondered if tantric massage benefits us in any way shape or form?

Every single massage that is practised from east to west and north to south has its wide and varied benefits.  Whether it is the traditional Swedish massage or the Thai massage, there is something replenishing, refining and redefining about the various massage techniques that are employed. As for the tantric massage, its core benefit is located within the name, ‘tantra’.

That mystical word that leaves so many westerners baffled isn’t so baffling to an easterner. This is because of the east’s rich heritage of spirituality and sacredness that seeps through every facet of life. In essence, ‘tantra’ is the understanding and right to connect to the divine, to be part of a cosmic energy and at one with the universal flow. It isn’t entirely erotic or sensual. It is more than foreplay and sex.

It is the combination of exoteric and esoteric, a sacrilegious ceremonial exercise that has to be respected and respectfully given.  What does that mean? To put simply, it is a massage that is designed to awaken and enhance the real you. Through the channelling of sexual energy and through the realisation of its power, a human being can become more refined, more confident and positive.

Therefore, through various tantric massage techniques coupled with mindfulness and breathing, the entire persona of a human being elevates and ascends to a height that is not achieved merely through conventional massage.


Tantric massage benefits
Typical tantric mandala as used in tantric practices




Firstly, the use of appropriate music that penetrates the soul and excites the inner being has to be employed in order to enhance and relax the mood. Music, in itself, is powerful and can create a range of emotions from sadness to anger and so, gentle sounds need to be coupled with dim red lighting. The modern mind is still trying to grasp the idea of how colour can impact on mood but it is through the ancient text of tantric practices, we come to understand how ‘colour therapy’ can produce exceptional results. That is why a soft tone of red has often been associated with sexual activity and this is a very intriguing element of the human disposition.  Also, the use of soft fragrances that brush against the gentle air add to the serene tantra which encourages a cultivation of sexual energy that is geared towards longevity and not immediate gratification.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to the tantric massage is that it forces couples to go against everything they have been accustomed to when it comes to sex. The notion of foreplay changes because now, the massage becomes the foreplay. It is no exaggeration, therefore, to say that many a couple would begin their sexual encounter with a tantric massage which would eventually transition onto tantric sex. The lessons that are learned in the tantric massage are the keys to successful intercourse. The ability to channel sexual energy and passion in a fruitful way means that a man can last for hours without feeling strained.

Therefore, to enhance the sexual capacity, tantric massage does wonders. In today’s time of rush and mania, many of us have forgotten the ancient technique of mindfulness and it is through this many a problem like premature ejaculation can be treated.

So, what are its steps?

With the use of oils, such as jasmine, deep tissue relaxation techniques are implemented that involves concentrated pressing motions on specific areas in order to loosen the tissue thereby improving mobility and blood flow. This quite often comes with the ‘untying of knots’ which typically focuses on the back and shoulders and with the subsequent relaxation coupled with the erotic aroma of the oil, a heightened libido is achieved.

Then it is the second phase – erogenous zones.

Gentle and light pressure is applied and rhythmic movements are put in action whilst the receiver is encouraged to breathe in unison to the rubbing of the sexual organ. Whether it is the penis or the vagina, gentle strokes are applied to create that deep sexual yearning.

After that? Tantric sex!

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4 hands massage

The Benefits of Four Hand Massage

Looking to find out what The Benefits of Four Hand Massage are? We’ll not to worry as always here at Erotic Massage UK we’re here to help you.


There are numerous types of tried and tested massage techniques being offered by millions of providers around the world. There is enough variety for every need depending on the condition a user wants to address but all massage approaches are aimed at helping the receiver to relax physically and emotionally.

A four hand erotic massage is one where two therapists perform the massage in a coordinated manner and the outcome is that of two full body massages. It has been known to deliver a higher level of outcome to the receiver. Those who present multiple complaints such as aches, pains and stiffness or difficulty with mobility benefit more from this method. It has been proven to deliver fantastic results for such clients.

The way a 4 hands massage is performed is so multifaceted that in many cases you may realise that in the same you experience many different types of massages in the same session. Some of the known common experiences are deep cleansing, reflexology, deep tissue and possibly others.

Therapists will usually combine deeper movements to target various muscle groups while keeping you completely relaxed as they apply a mixture of harder and relaxing motions. Due to this approach, the receiver always experiences other types of massage during the same treatment.


four hands erotic massage


Why is it special

The four hand massage approach is unique in the sense that it places the receiver in a mind condition whereby they are completely relaxed to the extent that the therapists are able to explore all their muscles without any resistance which in turn means optimum outcome for the receiver ensuring no injuries occur during the treatment due to reactive movements from the receiver. Scientifically this is achieved due to the fact that the brain is not able to envisage or anticipate the motions and the likely pressures from a four hands erotic massage. In renders the person in a totally relaxed state which is absolutely great for the treatment.

The aim of this approach is to put your body into full relaxation state and therapists achieve this by applying long, slow and sweeping movements all over your body. They then use targeted techniques to ensure that muscles which present pains, aches and stiffness are properly massaged to eliminate any tensions, knots and any inflammations.

How Exactly Does It Benefit You?

Four hand erotic massage approach is aimed at those clients who present complex conditions and that is why the therapists apply a combination of methods such as superficial massaging, deep tissue and pressure point work techniques. There are many reasons to try a four hands massage some of which we listed below.


What Does It Achieve?

  1. It stimulates both logical and emotional sides of your brain hemispheres
  2. It realigns and stretches muscles due to the complex techniques approach
  3. It breaks down tissue build up by enhanced blood circulation
  4. It targets your whole body and mind which delivers a holistic experience

The Morning After Experience

Like with all massages you will feel changes in your muscles. You will probably feel sore, stiff and all, nevertheless don’t be alarmed; it will all disappear in time. Your body is adjusting to a new normal provided by the treatment.

However, you may want to warm up your muscles with a warm bath, heat pack or just jump into a wellness pool! The trick is to keep the muscles active to adjust to this new normal. Some dynamic stretches will help to lengthen your muscles and this will subsequently reduce some of the tenderness you may be experiencing. Ensure you warm up your muscles before any of the stretching activity.

Many people ignore this but it is crucial to keep your body hydrated both before and after the treatment.

After a couple of days when all that aches, stiffness and tenderness subsides you will feel more relaxed, a brand new you bubbling with energy. You will experience a sharpness in mind because of the effect and direct benefit of a four hand erotic massage is to bring your body and your mind in harmony. Because it engages both your brain hemispheres you will realize that you will be quick at making decisions and more relaxed about challenges that come your way. As they say, your mind will pay attention to your heart when making decisions.


How Many Sessions Are Recommended?

4 Hand Massage is one of those therapies you could have up to five times a week. The massage is mainly based on Swedish Massage techniques. You may need to discuss with your therapists their availability and preference for your treatment objectives.

You need to plan for at least 2 hours for every session and you need to explore providers who better suit your needs. The prices will vary from provider to provider, it may be worth your investment to take a trip to the options you are considering and find out if it is a place you would like to go for such a treatment and also if the offering price is within your budget plan.

You need to be very clear as to what you want to achieve with the treatment. Explain in detail as much as you can to the provider your main reason for wanting to use the four handed massage in particular. Most providers will use their professional judgement based on the information you share with them about yourself to make recommendations of the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

To benefit from this treatment, you need to be prepared psychologically and convince yourself that it will offer you the healing that you need. You may be seeking the four handed massage after trying a few interventions for your problem which probably did not work. However, you need a positive attitude towards the treatment. Don’t underestimate the power of the mind. The therapy has worked for millions of people around the world but your involvement will determine the most you can draw from it. If you are going to invest your time and money on the treatment you had better make the most out of it, don’t just go for the average. You are looking for better that is why you are finding solutions for your condition and you can get better with the four hands erotic massage if your case is that of a person who needs a robust therapeutic approach.

Where to Find the best Four Hands Erotic Massage Providers

There are many providers in most big cities of the World it just depends where you are at your moment of need. If you are in the United Kingdom most major cities will have therapists. London is probably the place with the highest number of therapists’ concentrations offering a variety of treatments. A city like Manchester will offer opportunities to explore the four hand erotic massage treatment erotic massage treatment.

Remember a four hands erotic massage is a treatment where two therapists work synchronised harmony with a strong focus to release your tensions and help you relax both mentally and physically. In some outlet’s the whole session begins with a welcoming foot ritual. The therapists will then start when you are ready exploring your body with low, deep and long strokes applying oil enriched with fragrant spices.

You are the first person who should make yourself feel special. Find time to look up a few providers and just get out there and get indulged.



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meditation through breathing exercises

Breathing Exercises for Deep Relaxation

Have you been having trouble lately with relaxing? Do you often find it hard to free your mind of thoughts? Well, let me show ho that can be solved with breathing techniques for meditation.  Yes, that’s right meditation, you might not think much of this but believe me it works. Just by taking simple steps such as altering our breathing patterns and techniques it can have a profound effect on our ability to relax properly and aid meditation with. Meditation itself is a fantastic way  for you to relax free your mind of all your worries and just have some good old ” me time”  which lets be honest many of seem to miss out on in today’s ever increasingly busy world.

Below is a really great video provided by PhyscheTruth which covers many aspects of varied breathing techniques which when practised will help you overcome numerous problems relating to anxiety, relaxation, and even sleep deprivation. PLEASE go and check out their youtube channel it covers many aspects of well being and provides a wealth of knowledge through their videos for anyone struggling.


Sourced through from:

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Body to body massage

A Body to Body Massage London

Getting a  Body to Body Massage in London

So just what is a Body to Body massage London?  Well if you’re struggling to guess then the clue is in the name, and it’s exactly as electrifying as it sounds. It is when your masseuse uses the entirety of her body and rubs it against your body to help increase the eroticism and sensuality of a body to body massage experience. As the receiver of this type of body to body massage you give up all control over your body and submit to your masseuse. The body to body massage uses gentle and caressing touches as she glides and slides her body over yours in what can only be described as a magical and exhilarating body to body massage London.


Body to Body London massages are becoming increasingly popular amongst both men and women and is an excellent way to unwind from a hard day and release any built up tension in the bodies muscles, but they also help us to feel more intimate. A body to body massage London could be described as a big warm cuddle that leaves you feeling contented, happy and overly joyful. In the fast paced technological world that we live in, it can be very easy to become isolated and with all the latest gadgets we also often communicate less with people and become less intimate with which is a fundamental part of being human.



Body to body massage London

                                                                  Feel Like a King with A body to body massage London.


A body to body massage London experience is a great and safe way to counteract this isolation and get back in tune with ourselves on a more intimate and understanding level. It will help to reconnect with other humans through the power of touch which as we know can have profound effects on us as people. The soft and nurturing touch of your masseuse and she subtly slides her body all over yours helping to awaken those senses you thought you’d lost inside your smartphone all those years ago. These body to body massages in London are a firm favourite for us to be able to rekindle that sense of lost intimacy we all deserve and to help reconnect with people on a more personal basis. The body to body massage London is a very stimulating and safe way to do just that. These types of massage have boomed in popularity and will only continue to do so. These days you can now actually get a body to body massage kings cross again as more people become aware of them and their benefit. Even more surprising maybe the fact that those who travel especially those who travel by air a lot may often say they never have time  to get a massage but you can now even get a body to body massage Heathrow, yup that’s right folks if you’re always travelling in and out of Heathrow and insist you never have time to treat yourself then think again.


They are uplifting, enlightening and offer a true sense of pleasure. Body to body massages also build you up as an individual mentally and emotionally. After receiving such a treatment, you will feel a greater sense of connection and understanding with your inner self. Many of our happy client’s report that after getting a sensual body to body massage from Erotic Massage UK that they leave feeling like a weight has been lifted off their shoulder or have felt a profound sense of confidence they didn’t previously have before. Even couples have enjoyed the experience of a body to body massage and have reported that has reignited their sensuality and intimacy after spending years already together.  A really truly unique body to body massage London will really have you feeling uplifted, revived and ready to face anything the world may be waiting to surprise you with.


Body to Body massage London has been used for centuries and can help with:

  • Your immune system.
  • Blood circulation.
  • Intimacy and relationships.
  • Release endorphin’s that make us feel better.


Body to body massage London have also been known to improve:

  • Premature ejaculation.
  • Feeling lonely or isolated.
  • Erectile Dysfunction.

Here at Erotic Massage UK we’ve been providing body to body massage London for many years now and have many happy clients who return to use our services for this exact reason. So if you think you’re ready to be sensually reawakened and feel desires and feelings you never thought possible then what are you waiting for?





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the lsot art of erotic mobile massage

The Lost Art of Erotic Massage

The Art of Erotic Massage in the UK

The art of erotic mobile massage can often be misunderstood and has for some time now, however, as opinions change and people become more informed about erotic mobile massages are becoming more popular. Just a quick search using the term “erotic massage in London” will bring you a plethora of results to choose from which only further goes to show its growing rise in popularity.

What is an Erotic Massage?

An erotic massage gives us all the benefits of a normal regular massage treatment; however, erotic massage is meant to bring a deeper and more sensual encounter. They take the best techniques and aspects of various forms of erotic mobile massage and combine them into one powerful and seductively provocative erotic massage. As the masseur or masseuse, you will learn and develop new ways in which to pleasure your partner and if you’re the lucky recipient of this kind of massage you will learn to succumb to your partners caressing touch. Massage gives us all the tools we need as human beings to explore our sexuality and learn to connect on a more profound level physically, emotionally and mentally.


The lost art of Erotic massage in London


An erotic massage is designed to make full use of all our sexual energy and is used to help increase intimacy, pleasure and heighten our sense of sexual arousal. It also helps to encourage us to be more open and express our sexual wants, desires, and fantasies. It also helps promote the flow of this sexual energy throughout our bodies and to help increase our levels of passion. However far from just sexual arousal and pleasure, erotic massages can also have health benefits and healing properties.

An Erotic Mobile Massage in London

The art of erotic mobile massage is far from dead and in fact, it’s more than alive and kicking with many places now offering all forms of erotic massage and even more so offering erotic mobile massage in London, which can make it very hard to choose who to visit. This is mainly attributed to public’s growing awareness of the actual benefits of an erotic mobile massage and what it entails. It through opening our mind up to new ideas and concepts that have allowed us to develop into the spirited human beings we are today.

The Added Benefits Erotic Massage

In the fast-paced digital age, we are now currently living in our minds are always thinking and on to the next thing before we even know we are thinking about them, creating a constant flow of thought, anxiety, and stress. Now there are many ways to help alleviate these types of problems such as yoga or Pilates but none of these even come close to the positive effects a massage can have. The main factor is that the recipient of the massage has the added luxury of not having to do anything at all except submit themselves to the will and gracious movements of their masseuse allowing them to be able to unwind and relax and not having to think about anything at all.

This allows them to become fully relaxed and immersed in the massage experience further adding to its relaxing effect. This then allows the person to focus and remember what matters in their life free from distractions of our everyday lives. The reason erotic mobile massage has such a profound effect on us is because they harness and focus our natural sexual energy from within allowing us to force out any thoughts of worry, stress, and anxiety, and allow us to experience deeper feelings of happiness and sexual arousal and pleasure.


Hopefully, this has cleared up any misconceptions that you may have had regarding an erotic mobile massage in London or anywhere for that matter, and if you have any questions relating to any of our services then please just call and ask us we’ll be more than happy to help in any way possible.

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Massage Oils and Aromatherapy

Massage Oils and Aromatherapy

Origins of Massage Oils and Aromatherapy

When we think of a luxury massage experience no sooner have we thought about the spa but our mind suddenly thinks massage oils and aromatherapy. But why do we use these massage oils and do they even help to enhance the experience as people often tell us? We decided to take a look at the history and origins or massage oils and aromatherapy as a whole and discovered some surprising things.

The first uses of massage oils and aromatherapy date back almost 3000 years BC (before Christ), And that the Egyptians used aromatherapy in their daily lives and rituals. It is documented that they made and burned incense made from different types of aromatic dried woods and herbs for their gods. It is also noted that it was used in large quantities by Imperial houses and guesthouses to welcome important guests and to display a person’s wealth. It was used in the most ancient of healing practices to treat numerous and varied ailments. It was also used in sacred rituals and ceremonies and used to invoke gods, spirits and reach a more conscious state of mind.

In Egyptians times when kings had died, huge religious ceremonies were performed in temples it was sacred tradition to embalm the corpse and this is when the deceased king would be mummified and surrounded with aromatic and exotic oils. Ancient Egyptians believe very strongly that the oils used had a preserving property when mixed with other spices and herbs.

Prominence in Other Cultures

At around the same time as the Egyptians the Chinese and Indians were also discovering and using an ever increasing number of aromatherapy oils and ointments. Also like the Egyptians, they used them for many different things and used them for such things as religious events, medicine, burial ceremonies etc. The first record of aromatic oils used in China is 2697-2597 B.C.E during the reign of the legendary Yellow Emperor. The Yellow Emperors “book of Internal Medicine” contains numerous references to aromatherapy oils and their usage.

“Ayur-Veda” is the Indian term for traditional medicine and has used aromatherapy oils in medicinal use for over 3000 years. In the ancient Vedic scripts list an extensive number of ingredients used and their healing effects and list items such as cinnamon, ginger, myrrh and sandalwood as all having beneficial healing properties. India is the only country today who have not lost this practice.


Massage Oils and Aromatherapy

Western and Modern Uses

Aromatherapy was slowly introduced to western cultures by knights who had travelled to the east during the crusades and had now returned with this knowledge they had learned whilst travelling were the knights acquired great knowledge in the healing properties offered by such plants and herbs.

It was later in the 19th century when modern medicine became more prominent did the use of aromatherapy become more well known and used. It wasn’t until around the 1920’s that it became popular again and was termed the commonly known name of aromatherapy when a French chemist named Rene- Maurice Gatefosse who was investigating the healing properties of plants, accidently burnt his hand during an experiment. Gatefosse in pain and panic put his hand in the only liquid he had available which happened to be pure lavender oil. Gatefosse noted how immediately his pain subsided and that his hand healed with no infections or scarring he coined this process aromatherapy. After he and a colleague experimented further it was introduced to hospitals throughout France. Rene-Maurice Gatefosse released his book aromatherpie in 1928.

Throughout the year’s aromatherapy has become more and more popular as an alternative form of medicine and healing, and is often used in combination with other ancient techniques such as massage therapy and has resulted in a large and varied market for massage oils and aromatherapy products.

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Why tantric matters

Why Tantric Massage Matters

Why tantric massage matters? well quite easy really have you been searching high and low for a great tantric massage in London but struggling?…… Then look no further because we offer the best tantric massages in London. We have a great team of fully trained dedicated exotic masseuses who are not only beautiful but also empathetic and very caring and strive to give you the best tantric massage in London ever! So if you have been looking for a great tantric massage experience then you’re in for a treat as we not only cover anywhere in central London but also Gatwick and Heathrow airports, making your search for the best a whole lot easier and more convenient.

Our tantric massage masseuses are well qualified and take an active interest in therapeutic massage therapy, contrary to people’s popular notion that they give some sort of sexual extra’s which we do not! We are not a sex shop nor an escort site. This means you will be looked after by someone who is fully aware of the benefits of therapeutic massage therapy. For instance, in the UK the weather can be extremely cold and damp during certain parts of the year and this can have an impact on our health stiffening of the muscles and cold aching bones, also in sports injuries where muscles become tight and require loosening up afterwards. Massage has many health benefits to be gained from using it. By treating such problems with massage it helps the body and muscles relax improves our physical performance and helps our blood circulation which helps to remove toxins from our blood and body having a positive impact on our overall health.



Why tantric matters

Using tantric massage regularly as a treatment is a good idea and can be used as a sort of body tonic which also helps tone up the muscles and helps feel more flexible and supple. You’re an active and outgoing person who enjoys a lot of sport or exercise than using massage as a tonic will have a significant impact on your well being, it will your body fight of stiffening muscles, arthritis of the joints in your bones which is becoming more and more of a problem as we age and grow older. To compound the problem further as a nation we have not been helping by eating unhealthy foods which have had a detrimental effect on our health. By eating less fresh fruit and vegetables we are neglecting our bodies of much-needed vitamins and minerals which our muscles and bones rely on to remain strong and healthy and this is why tantric massage matters because it can be so rewarding.

People fail to realise the importance of this and the effect it has on ourselves. As the body becomes more malnourished and starved of proper nutrients it makes people hungrier which leads them straight back eating unhealthy foods and further adding to the risk of future health problems such as diabetes, angina, high cholesterol, High blood pressure and even heart disease. This circle can often be very hard to break. It very important to avoid fatty high cholesterol foods in order to prevent serious health problems such as strokes and arterial blockages. Manufacturers have become very clever in hiding unhealthy things in our foods that taste good making us crave them further adding to the problem.

Another cause of longer-term health problems is smoking and the effects this can have the body too, for instance, massage can be a great way to help males overcomes erectile dysfunction. However more often than not simply reducing the number of cigarettes one smokes can help improve things as again smoking reduces our bodies blood flow and the amount of oxygen in our blood. It has also been proven to cause heart disease and heart attacks.

These two issues are major contributors to our increasing poor health. Yet by taking simple measures in our daily lives such as making sure we eat plenty of healthy nutritional foods, exercising regularly, reducing bad habits like smoking and being sure to treat our bodies to a great massage, are the best precautions we can take to avoid problems like these from developing in the future and to make sure we remain in good health and fighting fit and again another fabulous reason as to why tantric massage matters.

So once you are eating healthy and exercising regularly make sure you then come to Erotic Massage UK for your amazing tantric massage experience.

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